Saturday, 4 October 2014

Its raining

No complaints from me, its badly needed. All the rainwater barrels were empty.

Into town this morning, traffic horrendous, I forgot its the first day of the Food Festival, cars were pouring into the town.

Changed my books at the library, I had read 4 and will need more for next week, if I am able to read once I have had my eye done.

DB went to bed with nausea when we got back, usually develops into a dizzy so he is best in bed.

Rain cleared up mid afternoon and the sun came out for a while. Another Christmas tree wall hanging cut out ready to applique.

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  1. "How good it is to have rain and rain barrels full!

    Bother about the traffic in town but I know how satisfying it is to be stocked up with books to read! I've just about decided to stop reading a library book I started after a blogger had recommended it. The plot so far has built up in a way that just cannot end well for too many of the book's characters. I have three other library books to read, so this one may go in the return stack.

    Wishing DB well!

    Ta for the warning about your former blog. It should be criminal for someone to misuse someone else's information. Grrrrr!

    Mr. Bones just needs a label so have my thinking cap on to noodle up some wording for that.



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