Sunday, 12 October 2014

Is that the time???

Late waking this morning, it was 9.20 when I looked at the clock, so everything is running late today.

Very misty but the sun broke through mid morning. DB went for a walk. We discovered his phone was dead, can we find the power lead? No !! I have taken the place apart, cannot fins it anywhere. Hey Ho. He took mine with him.

Another Christmas tree half fused this is the last one, my eyes are getting a bit tired and I am having trouble threading the machine. The needle threader has stopped working, will have to see if I can sort it with a bit of brute force and a fine pair of tweezers, either that or I have to sort out how to replace it myself. I am also have a problem with my hands seizing up on the rotary cutter....its been happening for a while.

DB having his siesta, I am going to do some research on the lap top.

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  1. Nothing wrong with a nice sleep in. Especially since you've not been resting well of late.
    Hubby is always misplacing his chargers. Men. Is this your new machine that the threader has quit working on?
    Hope you feel better soon. My old arthritis has been giving me a fit and seems every bone hurts.


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