Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Horrid Weather

High winds, lashing rain and some sun, the weather has been wild here today.

An email this morning told me there was a parcel out for delivery, so decided not to go to the market. just before 10am the parcel arrived, so we set to and went into town. DB to do more research at the library and me to Morrisons. The street market was cancelled due to the wind, they were afraid the wind would take the stalls through shop windows.

More sewing down of binding this afternoon, I now just have two that need sewing down. I have had an order for 2 Christmas tree hanging, I have just put the pattern away so will have to get it out again.

Just tossing up whether to go to the quilt show at Malvern on Sunday, will see what the forecast is for the weekend.


  1. Sure has been windy here today also! I am thinking the same about Malvern!! I was hoping to go on Saturday, but think we have to pick the caravan up from it's service then, so it will be Sunday or nothing for me!!!

  2. Cool (10*C) and damp here, no wind to speak of. I understand from our local weather channel on TV Ireland and portions of the UK could get the tail end of a hurricane (can't remember it's name) which has just skirted the maritime provinces and is now heading East into the Atlantic. I attended a quilt show last weekend, so many things I would like to make, however, there never seems to be enough time.
    Stay safe if you head to Malvern.


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