Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Good Heavens

Its dry, well it was first thing. I put a load of laundry in and got it on the line. It dried, just had to finish it off on the airer in the sitting room.

I spent the morning trying to figure out a knitting pattern, managed it eventually, but it was a bit confusing.

Nothing much done, waiting for a delivery which turned up at 4.30pm

Whats in a box like this????
                                     My go cutter!! Hooray!!

My goodness the box was heavy, it was very well packed. now all unpacked and registered.

I will have a go at using it sometime before the weekend. I have to clear the bedroom to get the bigger table in for it to stand on at the side of the cutting mats.

I have put the single bed on Gumtree, if I do not get a response I will put it in the local paper and the Co-op. I really want to sell it rather than donate it via free cycle, its too good.

OH has spent the day typing up stuff for the printers. His History of the Bowls Club is coming on and we need to get a rough copy to the printers.

Edwin is going to U3A tomorrow. I will be staying at home the subject is something I am not interested in.

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  1. I shall be looking forward to hearing more about the cutter - anything that helps you to continue to enjoy your favourite pastime has got to be worth having, and how good of everyone to help out with the purchase! Looking forward to seeing you both next week xxx


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