Friday, 3 October 2014


Fine sunny day, but cool out of the sun, took advantage of the breeze and did a load of laundry and got it dry. Also put the settee quilt out on the whirly to get a blow.

Full  Friday clean this morning, moved the settee etc and hoovered behind it, stripped the kitchen and cleaned it, mopped the floor. I do not know how i am going to be next week after my eye has been done.

DB managed to scrape his finger and it would not stop bleeding so a quick trip to the minor injuries unit at the Drs. He now has it bound up and several packets of dressings. He put another coat of preservative on the gate, and the inside of the shed door.

The last chicken hanging finished this afternoon, another one to have the binding sewn down.Time to change to Christmas trees.

Fish and wedges for supper.

I was feeling better today, am now shattered, but the downstairs is sorted and can stay for at least a week......I hope to get a load of bedding washed and dried on Sunday.


  1. Pleased to read you are feeling better today, however, it sounds as if you have done a lot of work today, so hope you will be OK tomorrow. After a nice week of fairly warm temps and sunshine, it has turned cooler today with rain and same forecasted for the entire weekend. Can't complain I guess, does not good any way, and it is Oct so can't expect much else. We have yet to have any frost, which is pleasing the farmers. The maple trees in my area are just starting to show their true colours, beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. They wont last long if this rain keeps up though. Now the evenings are closing in I feel more like sewing, have several UFO's to complete. Love your chickens, where did you find the pattern?

  2. From Barbara

    "What a lot was accomplished indoors and outdoors today and I know your quilt enjoyed it's freshening time on the whirly.

    Bother about the cut finger and its need for attention but that's what happens when on blood thinners. AMIL had to watch so she didn't have too many (clot more quickly) dark green leafy veggies or too few (bleed more freely) as those make a difference when you're on blood thinners, too. Hope DB is feeling okay and that his finger isn't throbbing painfully.

    Love the chicken mat!


  3. No lifting, no dusting, no hoovering for two weeks after cataract surgery. No getting the eye wet. Simple really

  4. Anne, me again!
    I went into Blogger and deleted your old 'silversewer' blog listing which was still in my list and, fingers crossed, it looks like all those movies have disappeared from my reader list.

    Really odd - I'll keep you posted about what, if anything, happens.
    Sorry to bother you with all this!

    Hugs - Mary


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