Thursday, 2 October 2014

Feeling better

I am feeling better this morning after a decent nights sleep, still taking it easy. Thank you to those of you who commented yesterday, no idea what was going on, head like cotton wool all day.

Spent the morning sorting another chicken wall hanging, my new machine, like one of my older machines does not like certain types of metallic thread, had a real job with some silver I was using, how ever I won!! After a bit of a struggle........

This is the christmas tree wall hanging I made the other week, it too needs the binding hand sewn down, will have to have a hand sewing session at some point.

I did make several of then a few years ago, sold them at a craft fair just before Christmas. I have some stockings to do too, the bits and strips box will come in handy for the backs.

DB spent the morning in the garden, he has put wood preservative on the back gate, its going to need another coat at some point, he also cut the froont grass. Not happy as someone in the close seems to let their dog out and it fouls our front grass, he moved 2 lots   today. eeyyuukkkk.

Quick trip to the Post Ofice this afternoon to post a letter, the car was quite warm, but its cool once you are out of the sun.

Fry up tonight for supper, gammon, eggs etc and a couple of slices of fried bread


  1. LOVE the Christmas Tree. :) Wish my stippling work looked that good.

  2. Barbara's comment:

    "Cheers that you're feeling better today! I, too, wonder what had you feeling so odd yesterday but am glad it didn't last.

    The little Christmas tree quilt is too cute and I love the binding fabric you chose for it. Well done on the quilting, too!

    Hope you can find out which dog owner is the offender or put up a NO Pooping sign, tastefully small, painted, and decorated with flowers, of course. I seem to remember some location that issued tickets to dog owners for allowing their pets to "foul the footpath."



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