Monday, 27 October 2014

Another sunny morning

Another load  washed and burling around on the whirly.

Monday clean done, apart from the stairs which I will do in the morning. We have an inspection tomorrow, so will put the dyson over the sitting room carpet first thing, apart from that everywhere is presentable.

OH pottering in the garden. Second baby coat in the process of being sewn up, so parcel to pack for next time DS2 visits.

Still trying to decide how to arrange the sewing room when the bed has gone, think its going to be trial and error for a while till I settle on a workable arrangement. I do know I want to keep the go cutter up on the table all the time, even if it is closed. Its heavy but not so heavy, still do not want to be hefting it up and down unless I really have to.

Spent the afternoon watching quilting videos, was feeling a bit tired, so feet up on the settee gathering new ideas.

Muscle man has just been they will be here at 10am on Sunday to move the bed for us.

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  1. Glad to read the bed situation is sorted. Sunshine is lovely here too xx


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