Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Real Autumn Day

We remembered to put the clocks back last night, so had an extra hours sleep this morning.

DB was out in the garden clearing up and cutting the grass, a bit of breeze and some weak sunshine.

DD2 and DGD are on their way to London for DGD's 21st birthday treat, they are staying 5 nights and going to the theatre and cinema whilst they are down there. I think DGD will be spending some birthday money too. DD2's back has improved, but she has to keep taking the medication for another 3 weeks.

I spent most of the morning sewing the binding on the two wall hangings, I have to sew it down now and finish the  binding Christmas stocking.

The single bed in the back bedroom is going, I have arranged to get it brought down stairs for it to be collected Nov 3rd, so next Sunday will be a day rearranging the back room into my sewing room. I am hoping to get the wardrobe moves over a bit at the same time, so our bedroom is going to be a bit full. I have to bring the table in out of the shed and put the legs back on, I can then have the fabric cutter out on the small table all the time ready for use. It will also mean I can have the bigger cutting board out again.

I am going to be posting photos of things I have for sale so keep your eyes open for a new page to my blog.

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