Friday, 31 October 2014

A lovely Day

Stall booked for Tuesday 9th December for bric a brac and quilting items.

Than to post DGD's birthday card and to Aldi in Syston to do some shopping for my quilting friend.

 Whats this, wood and rubbish on the drive, Conservatory full of boxes of fabric, books, thread sewing machine....The garage has been emptied to get it insulated and boarded next week and turn it into a proper sewing room. It will be a great space when its finished.

I bought 2 fresh cream and strawberry donuts to have with our tea, scrummy!! We ate, drank and chatted.

Its been a lovely day, quite warm for the time of year, no doubt we will apy later for the mild autumn. The heating has not come on in the house.

Journey home was horrendous, I was glad to see the front door and a drink.

Time to get the supper on.

The two recently completed tree hangings. They are sold and will be collected next week

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Wet, wet, wet

But it is drying up.

This morning the long ladder came in to put stuff up in the attic. The single bed in the sewing room has had the head board taken off,  everything off the big bookshelves plus the crates of fabric are in our bedroom along with the sewing machine and table, there is just enough room for us to get into bed and no more, clothes for tomorrow and the weekend have been taken out of the wardrobe and stacked on OH's chair or hung up from the slatted shelves in the airing cupboard.

I am off to visit my quilting friend tomorrow and I really did not want to start moving stuff on Saturday, so its all done and ready.

It had rained over night but cleared during the morning and its starting to dry up. OH says its much milder than yesterday outside.

DD1 sent a message to say she is coming over, not sure if she meant this week end or next but we will be around anyway.

This Sunday will be spent putting the sewing room back once the bed is downstairs for collection, unless it sells in the mean time.

Quick visit to Mr T this after noon for a couple of things I cannot get anywhere else. The car park was almost empty, just a few cars, so a quick trip round, out and home again.

Its starting to get dark and the temperature is dropping......time for the heating to come on.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What a change

in the weather, dank and cold after a couple of really bright days.

Into town this morning for a small top up shop from Morrisons, put in a prescription and get some buttons for the last jacket I have knitted.

OH doing more painting on of wood preservative, this time on the shed, the wood is so dry it vanishes almost immediately, so I guess a second coat or even a third will be needed.

Spent the afternoon sewing the binding down on two wall hangings, so they can be collected. The other two hangings and the coat will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Inspection Day

Another fine day with sunshine, but its turned very cold now.

A quick nip round with the dyson this morning before our inspection. We raised a few points, but everything was ok.

DB spent time in the garden this morning, he finished painting the shed with wood preservative and we also put more plants in the top bed.

I received a parcel this morning from across the pond, some fabric from my friend from her late mother in law's stash three really nice pieces. I have to decide what I am going to do with them.

After lunch I had a bit of a play with the Go Cutter, it works.......great squares, and perfectly matched half square triangles, I did not try the strip cutter that will come later. It fits very nicely on the small table which is where I want to keep it.

I need to get buttons for the second jacket I knitted, might get into town tomorrow.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Another sunny morning

Another load  washed and burling around on the whirly.

Monday clean done, apart from the stairs which I will do in the morning. We have an inspection tomorrow, so will put the dyson over the sitting room carpet first thing, apart from that everywhere is presentable.

OH pottering in the garden. Second baby coat in the process of being sewn up, so parcel to pack for next time DS2 visits.

Still trying to decide how to arrange the sewing room when the bed has gone, think its going to be trial and error for a while till I settle on a workable arrangement. I do know I want to keep the go cutter up on the table all the time, even if it is closed. Its heavy but not so heavy, still do not want to be hefting it up and down unless I really have to.

Spent the afternoon watching quilting videos, was feeling a bit tired, so feet up on the settee gathering new ideas.

Muscle man has just been they will be here at 10am on Sunday to move the bed for us.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Real Autumn Day

We remembered to put the clocks back last night, so had an extra hours sleep this morning.

DB was out in the garden clearing up and cutting the grass, a bit of breeze and some weak sunshine.

DD2 and DGD are on their way to London for DGD's 21st birthday treat, they are staying 5 nights and going to the theatre and cinema whilst they are down there. I think DGD will be spending some birthday money too. DD2's back has improved, but she has to keep taking the medication for another 3 weeks.

I spent most of the morning sewing the binding on the two wall hangings, I have to sew it down now and finish the  binding Christmas stocking.

The single bed in the back bedroom is going, I have arranged to get it brought down stairs for it to be collected Nov 3rd, so next Sunday will be a day rearranging the back room into my sewing room. I am hoping to get the wardrobe moves over a bit at the same time, so our bedroom is going to be a bit full. I have to bring the table in out of the shed and put the legs back on, I can then have the fabric cutter out on the small table all the time ready for use. It will also mean I can have the bigger cutting board out again.

I am going to be posting photos of things I have for sale so keep your eyes open for a new page to my blog.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


but brrrrr....... it was 5c in the garden first thing. The sun is out but not really much warmth in it.

I thought we were back in the flat, had to dry the condensation off the two bedroom windows. The front downstairs and kitchen were ok.

Off to the town only to the library to get books, no side trip to shops, holding on to my pennies.

I just have the sleeves and yoke to do on a second baby coat, should finidh t sometime in the week. I want to spend this afternoon quilting the two wall hangings and getting the binding on, then they can join the two sitting on the back of the settee waiting to have the binding sewn down. Then it will be back to the stockings.

Yesterdays laundry aired and put away, the laundry bin is starting to fill up again, just like the magic porridge pot!!

Soup for lunch, I made a big pot of leek and lentil, it has lasted us for lunches 3 days.

Friday, 24 October 2014

What A Grey Day

and a line of laundry out on the line, hope it dries.

Our Dr's surgery is a real mess. I rang on Monday to order some more eye ointment to be delivered by the chemist. To this morning no prescription, phone chemist, no they had not had it. Phoned surgery, no it was not there, nor was there anything on my notes to say it had been ordered or that I had spoken to a Dr. The practice is huge and I know the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Am now waiting again for a call from a Dr, have to explain everything yet again. I do wish we could change but its the only practice in the town and the surrounding area. I feel as if I am bashing my head against a brick wall all the time.

We were going into town but have to wait in now for the Dr to call. If I have not heard anything by this afternoon I think I will be calling the practice manager.

Friday clean done, kitchen floor was filthy thanks to OH trailing in wearing his gardening boots

Veg prepped for supper, I need to finish doing the applique on the second tree hanging, then I have to fight with the metallic thread to do the quilting on them both.

Still stuck with the bed, the furniture group will take it but only if I can get it down stairs. OH says he will see one of our neighbours and see if he can rustle up a couple of friends to give us a hand to get it down stairs, they can come a week on Monday to shift it, so hopefully might be able to get it down on Sunday and also move the wardrobe along a bit. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

At Last

We made it to meet up with Tessas Mum at Morrisons in Stamford.

So nice to see the person behind the blog, but sad at the same time that we were not able to meet her husband as had been the original intention.

Cup of tea, sandwiches and a lovely chat and catch up on her two girls.

We could have stayed and chatted all day, but she had to get back for YFG and we needed to go to Grantham on the way back to do the monthly shop at Aldi and get my £5 off.

Is anyone how you think they are? in this case I was not far out, such a lovely lady, with two delightful children, I know they miss FH so much, but they are doing very well.

Not a brilliant day weather wise, it has been sunny at times, but mostly cloudy, no rain though.

Aldi shop done, enough in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to keep us going for another month, will need fresh fruit and veg as usual, but I have not had to buy much meat, just bacon and fish.

Afraid I also bought two more balls of baby double knit for another coat. I am not buying any more...ok I said it here.....I have spent what I said I would, thats it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Oh its wet

Lovely sunny morning, no wind but very cold this morning.

Window cleaner remarked on the new kitchen window and door.

DB cutting back some shrubs in the bed at the top of the garden so we can get the clematis in.

Chap came to replace the porch window, he had put one in with brown on both sides, white for the inside was ordered. It took him just over an hour to sort it. By the time he had finished it was raining again...uugghhhh..... LL told me last night the upstairs windows will be replaced next summer, so by next winter we should be warn and snug.

Two more Christmas tree wall hangings cut out and fused, it will be friday before I get to applique them onto the background, we are out tomorrow.

Two to finish sewing the binding down on, I found 3 more pot holders upstairs when I was sorting fabric, so they are in the sale box.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Horrid Weather

High winds, lashing rain and some sun, the weather has been wild here today.

An email this morning told me there was a parcel out for delivery, so decided not to go to the market. just before 10am the parcel arrived, so we set to and went into town. DB to do more research at the library and me to Morrisons. The street market was cancelled due to the wind, they were afraid the wind would take the stalls through shop windows.

More sewing down of binding this afternoon, I now just have two that need sewing down. I have had an order for 2 Christmas tree hanging, I have just put the pattern away so will have to get it out again.

Just tossing up whether to go to the quilt show at Malvern on Sunday, will see what the forecast is for the weekend.

Monday, 20 October 2014


Another fine day and the wind has dropped. Towels out, it started to rain DB brought the towels in now the sun is blasting down again.

Why do people expect something for nothing??? I put the single divan we have on gumtree for £120. It is in really excellent condition and was very expensive when we bought it. Some one wanted it for £75. No way, they must think I am daft. They said as I seemed anxious to get rid of it they would take it away for me....!! What cheek.......

Monday clean done, tomorrows surgery has been cancelled and rebooked for November. Phone call this morning, so I had to contact my GP (mr does it really matter) I spoke to a different Dr as MDIRM was not in today. Script on its way to the chemist should get it tomorrow.

I was sad to read that Linda Bellingham has died, cancer is such a dreadful disease. I applaud her decision not to have further treatment. She was a very brave lady. It is a decision I made some time ago. I have enjoyed my life and if I should develop cancer I would prefer to be allowed to die with dignity. I saw a friend go through chemo, it robbed her of her personality and drew out her illness for over 2 years. Her family had to sit and watch her go through it.

DB spent the morning in the front on the thankless task of scraping up all the leaves from the trees, two minutes later it was just as bad again.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Another summy mild day but the wind is quite something.

Stripped the bed and sheets etc out on the line, dry just after lunch.

I have been struggling with a Christmas stocking, I need to find a different way to do them, think I may end up quilting them onto the wadding and sewing them up, with etra lining in they are way too think, look great but not doing my hands much good.I could use the method I use for making quilted bags, will have to see what works best.

DB in the garden this morning, he has given the gate and the table another coat of peservative paint.

Roasting a joint of beed for supper.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sleep? whats that?

Very bad night last night, ended up getting up for painkillers and reading till after 3am. Did not wake up well this morning so DB left me in bed, brought up my breakfast and I fell asleep again.

Very windy, blowy day, I have a load of laundry out, it should dry. We are not forecast rain today but it keeps coming over pretty black.

Beef out defrosting for tomorrows supper.

I have almost finished the second front on the baby coat, should finish it tonight. Just the sleeves to do, sew it up and press it.I need to go through my Christmas fabric box and find the stocking panels, will need to cut some bias strips for the binding.

                             Clematis still flowering in the garden.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The sun has got his hat on...hip hip hip hooray!!

And it is quite mild out, so DB tells me. I have been too busy doing the Friday clean and nagging him to do the pile of filing sitting on top of the cupboard where we keep the files.

DB is off to a history group this afternoon, I am going to pick up DD2 and take her to the hairdressers. Apparently DGD's boyfriend/partner is picking her up and taking her shopping. I hope she can manage to walk round.

I have to go to Wilkinsons and get a new bulb for the kitchen light fitting, the one that shines on the table is the one thats out, it gets a bit murky at times.

No knitting this afternoon as I will be out, will maybe get a bit more done whilst watching TV later.

The open toe foot for my sewing machine has arrived, so it will be easier to do the blanket stitch on dark fabric now, I can clearly see where I am supposed to be going. Will hopefully get more sewing done tomorrow. I forgot to put the hanger on the one I did yesterday, so have to undo the binding and slip one in, then re-stitch the binding back. No idea why but my needle threader had stopped working, yesterday it worked perfectly......strange, wonder if I had not got the needle in the right position for the hook to go through the eye of the needle. I have a job threading the needle otherwise, takes me several attempts. I have found that running the thread through beeswax helps.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Its Autumn

A murky morning turned into a fine afternoon, sun shing on the leaves on the trees, but its quite cold out.

DB went to the U3A meeting this morning, I stayed behind, was not interested in the lecture. Managed to get some bits and bobs done out of the way, baked a coconut cake and prepped supper.

I have knitted the back and half the front of the matinee jacket, its hard going, but am beginning to master the pattern now. Spent some time this afternoon ripping out the snail trail stitches on the back of the tree wall hanging. I need to see the market man about a stall in December at the Tuesday Market.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Good Heavens

Its dry, well it was first thing. I put a load of laundry in and got it on the line. It dried, just had to finish it off on the airer in the sitting room.

I spent the morning trying to figure out a knitting pattern, managed it eventually, but it was a bit confusing.

Nothing much done, waiting for a delivery which turned up at 4.30pm

Whats in a box like this????
                                     My go cutter!! Hooray!!

My goodness the box was heavy, it was very well packed. now all unpacked and registered.

I will have a go at using it sometime before the weekend. I have to clear the bedroom to get the bigger table in for it to stand on at the side of the cutting mats.

I have put the single bed on Gumtree, if I do not get a response I will put it in the local paper and the Co-op. I really want to sell it rather than donate it via free cycle, its too good.

OH has spent the day typing up stuff for the printers. His History of the Bowls Club is coming on and we need to get a rough copy to the printers.

Edwin is going to U3A tomorrow. I will be staying at home the subject is something I am not interested in.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More rain.

Wet again this morning. Trip into town to the library left OH in there whilst I went to the market and Morrisons.

Nipped to post a parcel whilst I was out.

DB home on the bus. He has had 2 dizzies so far today.......

Why is it I can knit a complicated pattern no problem, but a sinple zig zag has had me ripping stitches out 3 times so far, if I do not get it right this time I will use a different pattern!!

DD2 is off sick with her back, she could be off for a not think they will be happy about that where she workd they were already 2 seniors down and now she is off. Someone is going to have to get off their btm and sort something out pdq.

Still ripping out the machine quilting on the tree hanging. I might do a bit more at it later, its hard on the eyes as the stitches are quite small. Hey ho...

Monday, 13 October 2014

Wet, wet, wet

Woke up to rain and at 3pm, its still raining, quite cold with it. I put the heat back on a short while ago, I was so cold.

Went to get our feet done and post 4 letters, got soaked running from the house to the car....

I have spent quite some time on the internet doing some research. My hands are proving to be a problem and its getting more frequent. My right hand seized up on my rotary cutter on Saturday, the blade was locked open, so I dare not try to extract it myself, had to get DB to undo my fingers using the hair dryer to warm my hand up. I had been looking at the Go cutters for a while, I am really thinking it would be the answer to allow me to continue quilting, cost made me suck in air quick, but DB and the children said they would cover the cost between them, so its ordered. Should arrive on Wednesday.

No Monday clean done, it can wait till next week, I need to see if I can remove the pen from the inner works of the dyson. Next Tuesday I will hopefully be getting my eye done....fingers and everything else crossed please.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Is that the time???

Late waking this morning, it was 9.20 when I looked at the clock, so everything is running late today.

Very misty but the sun broke through mid morning. DB went for a walk. We discovered his phone was dead, can we find the power lead? No !! I have taken the place apart, cannot fins it anywhere. Hey Ho. He took mine with him.

Another Christmas tree half fused this is the last one, my eyes are getting a bit tired and I am having trouble threading the machine. The needle threader has stopped working, will have to see if I can sort it with a bit of brute force and a fine pair of tweezers, either that or I have to sort out how to replace it myself. I am also have a problem with my hands seizing up on the rotary cutter....its been happening for a while.

DB having his siesta, I am going to do some research on the lap top.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Was that Saturday

The bowls presentation meal was very good, but the actual presentation was a shambles. We were home by 10pm and in bed just after but neityher of us cold sleep, we were still reading at 2am.

Up again just after 8am waiting for the chap to come and do the back door and 2 windows. It was 11am before he arrived, however, all done and dusted now.

DD2 has phoned she thinks she has slipped a disc in her back......not good.

Not much else done really, just cleared up after the chaps had gone and did a bit of sewing. Not a happy bunny, the thread kept breaking and I had prbolems threading the needle. I finished the quilting and put the binding on, just have to finish that off. I was watching a video on finishing the binding, can I find it now.....??? no. I thought I had bookmarked it.

Just settling down after supper to watch 'Strictly'

Friday, 10 October 2014


Another sunny morning, lets hope it does not go as yesterday did and chuck it down with rain later.

Friday clean done, I have managed to suck a pen into my Dyson cleaner. Might have to take it to bits, its not in any of the pipes I can take off, just hope nothing gets caught on it and it blocks the whole thing up.

DB has agreed for me to pass on the single bed in the sewing room. At the moment the big wardrobe is close to the thermostat for the heating, not a problem now but might be as the winter goes on. We did not have a spare bedroom in the last house we had down here, it was only when we moved back to Scotland I decided we needed to have a spare room for visitors. We still have the bed settee in the sitting room if we are desperate, considering getting it recovered. It is heavy to move, might be able to get better heavy duty castors put on it so it moves easier.

We are out for supper tonight, I need to sort out something to wear. Its the Bowls Club presentation night, hope all the ladies are not in fancy frocks. I only have one frock and its not suitable for tonight, so it will either be a skirt and top or trousers and a top. We are due to eat at 7.30, guess I will not sleep too well tonight, we do not usually eat any later than 6.30. Its 3 courses as well.
DB has cleaned the windscreens inside and outside on the car, the back wiper was making a heck of a din yesterday so he has taken it off and cleaned the blade.

DD2 due after lunch, she put off her visit yesterday due to the rain, she was working last night, did not want to get soaked twice in one day. Leek and potato soup made for lunch with fresh bread, made yesterday.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Started off a nice day, but windy, has now degenerated into a wet day with a howling wind!!

Mondays events have knocked me back quite a bit, I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but forced myself. Have spent the morning reading on the settee apart from prepping the veg for tonights supper which I will cook when we get back from seeing DB's consultant.

DD2 was coming this afternoon but cried off due to the weather.She is working tonight so does not want to get wet twice in one day.

Back from seeing DB's consultant, much as I expected DB was told that there is nothing they can do, all the tests have shown up no cause for the dizzies or the palpitations. We have agreed that DB should continue to see the consultant at 6 monthly intervals, so an appointment for April, just before we go on holiday.

It took us ages to get back, the traffic was horrendous.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The last 24 hours have been a bit hectic.

Last night my 18 yr old grand daughter announced she was 22 weeks pregnant......Shock horror!! I am quite angry, she had a career ahead of her and to make matters worse the boy concerned is unemployed and they are not 'together' any more. She has a new boy friend,who is, to say the least shell shocked.

Her Dad was here today, he is not happy, but as he says its happened and it has to be coped with.

DS2 did the jobs we had and has put a second shelf in the airing cupboard for me which is brilliant, 

Load of laundry on the line when it chucked it down with rain, I left them out. Ended up putting them back in the washer to spin, they are now on the airer in the sitting room. I have had the heat on earlier but its off now.

Phone call for the hospital, I have a new appointment in 3 weeks time for my cataract surtgery.

To crown everything DB came down and said he had the dreaded palps again just 2 weeks after the last lot. He is getting them more regularly. We see the consultant re his dizzies tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Weird Day

I slept ok last night, although I did read till quite late.

Feeling a bit odd this morning, I had all the drops before they decided they were not going to do the op, so my left pupil is still enlarged. It should go back to normal by tomorrow. I have not been able to get hold of the chap at the unit to re-book, calls keep going to voice mail. Will try again tomorrow, if I do not have any success will be putting in a complaint.

Chap came to collect the awning, once he had gone we nipped to Morrisons to do a bit of shopping, fresh fruit and veg, could not face walking to the market.

I sat this afternoon and sewed down the binding on one of the wall hangings, I now have a headache, that was not obviously the thing to do..hey ho.

DS2 expected tomorrow towards lunchtime.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Well that was a waste of time

I still have my cataract, Surgeon did not turn up, they called in another Dr who told me I have a bacterial infection of my eye lashes and he was not prepared to operate. So home again after sitting like idiots for 3 hours in the hospital.

I have to get some eye ointment and Johnsons baby shampoo and wash my eyes with hot water and the shampoo. it will take 10 days for the infection to clear so I have to phone tomorrow and make another appointment.

Its raining, its pouring

Hissing down this morning as forecast, but we do not have the high winds that some parts of the country seem to be getting.

I will be making bacon sarnies just after 11am, we need to leave for the hospital around noon.

No Monday clean to do, did it yesterday and the sitting room is ok as is the kitchen, although I did have clean the hob again after yesterdays cooking efforts.

Off to relax and read my book, feeling a little trepidatious......not keen on  fiddling with eyes.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunny but Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Late up this morning, we were having a midnight feast last night, DB could not settle.

Busy day today, scones and apple crumble made, bed changed and Monday clean done, have supper for today and tomorrow to prepare. DB will be cooking this week for a couple of days at least.

The sun is out, a slight breeze but its cold, hoping the laundry will dry on the whirly, think the towels may have to finish off in the sitting room.

Not sure if there was a slight frost in the night, the trees are shedding their leaves, each puff of wind sends more down to cover the grass.

Doubt if I will get any sewing done, so production will be halted for about a week until my eye shows signs of recovery. This time tomorrow I may well be 'under the knife'.

Everything dried on the whirly, so folded up most put away. The bedding will have to wait to be ironed until next week...all pooped out.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Its raining

No complaints from me, its badly needed. All the rainwater barrels were empty.

Into town this morning, traffic horrendous, I forgot its the first day of the Food Festival, cars were pouring into the town.

Changed my books at the library, I had read 4 and will need more for next week, if I am able to read once I have had my eye done.

DB went to bed with nausea when we got back, usually develops into a dizzy so he is best in bed.

Rain cleared up mid afternoon and the sun came out for a while. Another Christmas tree wall hanging cut out ready to applique.


To anyone who reads my blog. If you get a message which appears to be from my old silver sewer blog do not open it. It appears that someone may have managed to get hold of my blog details and used them to send links. This is the message I received from a follower.

 a whole lot of foreign movies, 25 when I last 
counted, mostly foreign I think, have appeared in my reader list tonight, ALL AT 
ONCE when I checked in - and I notice the address showing is -

Did someone take over your old blog name somehow? I thought that was 
impossible and that Blogger doesn't allow it.

The name on each one is - diah inggahwati at COLLECTION MOVIE HD

If you still have my silversewer blog on your reading list, please delete it, that should solve the problem.

Friday, 3 October 2014


Fine sunny day, but cool out of the sun, took advantage of the breeze and did a load of laundry and got it dry. Also put the settee quilt out on the whirly to get a blow.

Full  Friday clean this morning, moved the settee etc and hoovered behind it, stripped the kitchen and cleaned it, mopped the floor. I do not know how i am going to be next week after my eye has been done.

DB managed to scrape his finger and it would not stop bleeding so a quick trip to the minor injuries unit at the Drs. He now has it bound up and several packets of dressings. He put another coat of preservative on the gate, and the inside of the shed door.

The last chicken hanging finished this afternoon, another one to have the binding sewn down.Time to change to Christmas trees.

Fish and wedges for supper.

I was feeling better today, am now shattered, but the downstairs is sorted and can stay for at least a week......I hope to get a load of bedding washed and dried on Sunday.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Feeling better

I am feeling better this morning after a decent nights sleep, still taking it easy. Thank you to those of you who commented yesterday, no idea what was going on, head like cotton wool all day.

Spent the morning sorting another chicken wall hanging, my new machine, like one of my older machines does not like certain types of metallic thread, had a real job with some silver I was using, how ever I won!! After a bit of a struggle........

This is the christmas tree wall hanging I made the other week, it too needs the binding hand sewn down, will have to have a hand sewing session at some point.

I did make several of then a few years ago, sold them at a craft fair just before Christmas. I have some stockings to do too, the bits and strips box will come in handy for the backs.

DB spent the morning in the garden, he has put wood preservative on the back gate, its going to need another coat at some point, he also cut the froont grass. Not happy as someone in the close seems to let their dog out and it fouls our front grass, he moved 2 lots   today. eeyyuukkkk.

Quick trip to the Post Ofice this afternoon to post a letter, the car was quite warm, but its cool once you are out of the sun.

Fry up tonight for supper, gammon, eggs etc and a couple of slices of fried bread

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Under the weather again

Not feeling at my best again today. Light headed, not pleasant when you bend down!!

I have spent most of the day reading on the settee. DB was out in the garden this morning, he cut the grass, it may need another haircut before the mower goes away for this year.

I have made soup in the stock pot and also done the chicken for supper. DB wanted it done with onion, dried cranberries and mayo. Tomato and celery salad, coleslaw and jacket spuds also on offer.

I also managed to trace another chicken out. Have pressed the fabric, might feel well enough to cut it out and fuse it tomorrow, will have to see how I feel in the morning.