Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What a day

Bad night, I could not sleep, just as I settled down DB decided he felt sick and spent the next 2 hours moaning and retching, nothing to come up......

I managed 2 hours sleep. Sorted out a couple of things and then decided to put the caravan on Gumtree. We are not using it as we would have had we still been living in Scotland so decided to sell it on. Its a shame that it would stand through the winter.

Went to B & Q to get stain for the garden table and chairs and then to post a parcel, when we got back there were 3 replies to the gumtree advert. A chap is coming from Ludlow hopefully to buy it, expecting him around 6.30pm.

We had to do a quick turn around and empty it, the sitting room looks like Paddy's Market with crates I still have to do something with. They can wait till tomorrow.

We have cancelled the trip this weekend. DB is really not well enough to go, so we will lock the door and spend the time reading.

Used the last of the chicken to make curry for supper.


  1. Sorry you had to cancel your weekend trip. It's not worth the worry of DH not feeling well away from home. My DH. Is having his back operation on the 4th oct. I hope it goes well.

  2. So sad for you having to sell your caravan. Also, what a shame you have had to cancel your planned trip, but I think you are probably very wise. It isn't good being away when you are not feeling great, so I guess your plan to lock your doors and relax with a nice book is perfect. Do take care of yourselves and fingers crossed your caravan gets sold quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear that DB has felt so yucky that you decided cancelling your planned trip was the wise course of action.

    Sorry, too, that it seems best to sell the caravan. I hope all interested buyers are good folks with good cash and good offers. Perhaps you and DB can enjoy some of those tours that are available?

    Hope tonight brings sweet dreams and restful sleep for both you and DB.



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