Friday, 19 September 2014

Weeping and Wailing

I am not, but I will not bore you with my views, I will just say I am so pleased that sense won the vote!!

Nasty morning, dull first thing and that turned to rain. DB was out working on the grass at the front where the caravan had been.

I shoved the dyson round the sitting room carpet. Baked a coconut cake and made an apple crumble for supper. We will be having fish, mash,peas and parsley sauce.

We watched a debate on the lap top from LCC on the way forward with the libraries in the effort to save around £40 million. The proposals which had been voted on by the public were accepted. We are fortunate our library is one of the 16 most used in the county and will not be subject to having to find volunteers to run it. There will be different opening hours and the library will be closed all day Thursday. Sunday opening had also been proposed but that was thrown out.

I also ironed DB's bowling trousers, I hate ironing trousers, but they are done. Also cleared up some stuff in the sewing area and cut the back for a project I am working on in dribs and drabs. I need to spray it with basting adhesive so I can quilt it. Need to cut the fabric for binding, another project finished. I also have a table runner to find some backing for, quilt and bind it.

I sat and read this afternoon for a while. 


  1. Our library is very small and run by volunteers, it carries a small but eclectic stock and if I want something in particular can order it free, it used to cost 50p in Lincs. I do not understand the politics behind the Scottish referendum but now perhaps it is time for the politicians to deal with the issues that prompted this costly business.

  2. Sent by Barbara, who can longer post direct.

    "I'm glad you and Edwin are pleased with the outcome of the vote in Scotland. There seem to be so many points of view about independence and I hope calm heads prevail so all stays peaceful there.

    Enjoy your sewing!

    As usual, dinner and dessert sound tasty. Coconut cake - yum!!


  3. I was interested to hear which way the vote would go. There are pros and cons on both sides. I hope that peace will prevail and your country will prosper.


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