Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A dull start but by the time we were ready to go out the sun had broken through and it was quite warm.

I dropped DB off to get his hair cut and then went on to the library to check in our books and choose some more, DB joined me. He had seen some pansies on the market for £1.80 so we walked back to get them and popped into Boyes, I wanted batteries for the handset to the upstairs TV and also a plastic mesh drainer for when I make the plum jam. Picked up another china mug with a Lowrey like scene painted on it.

After a quick cup of tea in the garden DB bashed on wth putting the wood round the sq ft bed. I sorted a few jobs inside before preparing the lunch. Supper tonight, grilled gammon steak, mash and the left over gratin from yesterday. Dessert - well the jury is out on that one just now.

I managed to sleep for about 2 hours this afternoon, feel lousy just now but guess I might feel better later on. Time to cook the supper shortly.


  1. You and DB certainly had another day full of accomplishments!

    I'd like to see your new mug if you don't mind. I do love mugs, pillows, and too many sorts of other things.

    Hope you're feeling better now. I think if I take too long of an afternoon nap these days, I feel disoriented for a while after getting up. Short naps of an hour or less seem to work better for me for some reason.

    My friend's granddaughter's surgery is over and she's doing fine! The doctor found several more holes in her heart that had not shown up on tests, so all were fixed and she's still sleeping. Isn't that wonderful?!

    Another hot day here and we need rain badly.


  2. Love Lowry paintings. I am envious of the pansies. We are putting everything to bed here before the snow shows up.


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