Monday, 15 September 2014

We decided to nip to Grantham this morning and get the money back for last weeks chicken. Bad decision I ended up spending £30 and then to compound it, went to Tesco for golden syrup and bought one of their pork loin joints for £8. I have cut it up into 2 roasting joints, 2 pork steaks and the end bit for a pork and bean casserole. Should last us a while along with the other meat I got.

A very grey morning, glad I have not had to do laundry as its very grey and has rained a couple of times.

OH had palpitations last night, this morning he has retired to bed with a dizzy,  then another this afternoon,just cannot win can I?

Sorting out yesterdays chicken, will do the thighs for tonight the rest of the  meat I will take off  and make some stock with the carcass.

 Turned into a sunny afternoon, quite warm as well.


  1. Glad you are back! There must be a story behind the returning of the chicken.....? X

  2. What a lot of yummy groceries you've gotten and expect you and DB will make many a good meal out of these purchases.

    Oh, dear! Sorry about both the dds and the palps. Did the medicine help?



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