Thursday, 4 September 2014


Not a good night last night. DB could not settle, so we were still reading at 1am.

Trip to the drs. DB has wax in his ear, he as to put olive oil into it twice a day to soften it.

As far as I am concerned I have a fibro flare up and stress, Dr has upped my medication and I have to get as much rest as I can, various things allowing. I have to go back in 6 weeks to see how I am then.

The mug I bought the other day, the print is reminiscent of a Lowery painting.

DB has gone bowling this afternoon, they are playing his old team Abbey Park, so I dare say he will be meeting a few old friends.

No supper to cook tonight, DB gets a tea, so I will have to find something for my supper.


  1. Hope that you're feeling better soon - try to have a rest if you can - you've had a really busy and stressful year with the house moves so it's time to rest now and get yourself back right xxx

  2. I'm glad to hear DB's hearing loss wasn't permanent or caused by anything dire. Simple solution is good, too!

    After all that's been happening and as busy as this summer has been for you, it's no wonder you're in a fibro flare and stressed out. Wishing you lots of restorative rest and good sleep.

    By the hardest, our new-to-us cooktop is installed and DH is working to reconnect the propane fuel to it. We'll be SO glad when this chaos du jour is over with.



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