Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunny Sunday

Very bright and quite warm outside, DB spent the morning washing the rest of the pots, they are now drying before being stored till we need them again.

I nipped over to Tesco for bio washing powder, I think we are going to have to chip the stuff off the base of the pressure cooker, nothing seems to be working. I will be annoyed if I have to scrap it. Got it new last year as a replacement free for my old one which stopped working properly. Cannot afford to buy another one. The stainless steel ones are mega expensive.

Apple and blackberry crumble in for dessert tonight. Have a chicken to cook, veg and stuffing done, just needs cooking.

Spent an hour this morning on the chicken wall hanging, almost finished blanket stitching the bits on. It then needs layered up and quilting. Planning on something other than scribble this time.


  1. Did you buy the washing powder to use to clean the pan? If not, then give it a go. I've had great success in removing very burned on stuff from pans by adding wash powder or soda crystals to water and boiling it up in the offending pan - just don't let the pan boil dry!

  2. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago & boiled the pan with biopowder and then left it it overnight. I had to do it a couple of times but it worked. Also, I kept trying to scrape the gunge was still under water and it was soft

  3. From Barbara...

    " Well done in getting to the store to get an effective cleaner for your good pan. I hope it works and you have the success that others who commented did.

    Love your lilies in the blog header today!

    I wish you well on quilted your nearly finished chicken mat and I look forward to seeing the completed mat. I made the hanging sleeve for the baby quilt in two parts so it can be hung more easily but have yet to sew them onto the quilt back.



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