Monday, 1 September 2014

No Laundry today - good job

A very dreich morning, it has rained overnight and presently drizzle is persisting from a very grey sky.

I summoned up all my small store of energy and did the bedroom bathroom and landing OH did the hoovering. Dyson taken down stairs and the living room carpet hoovered, reset the dyson to do the kitchen floor and then mopped it, jobs that should have been done on Friday But I was going out so needed to reserve my energy.

DB announced this morning that he has 'gone deaf' in one, try cleaning then out occasionally, no, need medical attention, appointments made for both of us Thursday morning.

I must do the ironing today, will have a rest on the settee when DB goes for his siesta and then go and tackle the ironing. If I leave it I will have twice as much this time next week. I might also look at the sewing thats sitting on the ironing board.

Supper tonight, egg beans and wedges, more of the crumble for dessert.


The rain cleared at lunchtime so DB decided to forego his seista and go out to the garden. Came in when it started to rain again about 2.30.

I did the ironing and sorted out some fabric, looking at maybe finishing a pot holder, have to sew the binding on.

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  1. You're wise, indeed, to deal with the ironing now before it grows into a horrid chore. Laundry is like that, too, isn't it?

    Hope the doctor can sort out DB's hearing. In the days before the appt., I hope DB pays good attention so you don't have to repeat yourself.

    Send rain, please. None of what was forecast for here materialized. Ta!

    Wishing you energy and enthusiasm for things you want to do.



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