Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Market Day

Car in for service this morning so we were standing outside the library waiting for it to open. DB stayed to do some research I went off to the market.

Caught the bus home, Market day the buses are always running late.

DB collected the car, now £204 less rich!! Garage man said the brake shoes were beginning to show signs that they will need replacing before too long. That will be another £160!!

One funky chicken casserole mat bound. It will be going to a new owner shortly.

Fine afternoon. DB spent some time treating the grass and then painted the garden table and one chair with preservative.


  1. I love this piece with the funky chicken. You quilt the neatest looking things Anne - I'm looking at my cushion cover right now - love it still!

    Care upkeep is so expensive - I just had to fork out over $600 on mine!

    I'm missing the dinner menu for tonight!!!!

    Mary x

  2. From Barbara

    "Love Funky Chicken's fabrics, quilting, and binding! Well done! The new owner will certainly be delighted with this touch of fun in her home.

    Glad to see you and DB had such a productive day, too. It's always nice to know the car is tuned properly.

    Chilly but sunny here, last night's low was in the mid-50s*F, and the dogwood tree is turning colors so the calendar must be right - it's Autumn!


  3. Mom wants a car every so often. Then we remind her just how expensive it is to be able to run around for fun. She is lucky to have a bus service at her complex even if it does not run every so often.

  4. Your funky chicken mat is totally cute! Someone will be thrilled to have it!


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