Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Last Lilies of Summer

Last week I cut the two remaining lily stalks. They have scented the sitting room ever since.

We had heavy rain overnight, the garden needed it, the ground was very dry. The water butt is now quite a bit fuller.

OH in the garden this morning washing pots, we have dozens to wash, dry, and store in the sentry box shed ready for next year.

I have cut out another chicken in Christmas fabrics this time, have to look for something for the background, need to be quite plain.

Belly pork in the pressure cooker for pork and bean casserole, will be having some of it for supper tonight. Also made a ring of scone and sorted out the fridge,DB has a thing about putting jam and sauces back in the wrong place. I go to get something and have to search for it......

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  1. From Barbara,

    "Your lilies are lovely and I can just imagine how delightful their scent has been in your home ever since you brought them indoors.

    I imagine that your dinner is smelling wonderful, too!

    It's rainy and chilly here today so I've been stitching on the baby quilt binding. It is really sounding good to me to put on the other bindings completely by machine. I wonder how much trouble the large double bed quilt will be if I try to wrangle it under the machine needle twice? Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Chicken mat!



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