Monday, 29 September 2014


It was quite sunny early on but as lunch time approached it came over dull, rain has been forecast.

Monday clean done, on my own again, DB was wrestling with one of the Hebe's he was trying to dig out of the top bed.

After a break for morning tea I sorted out the bulbs, pansies and primula's. All the geraniums are out  of the containers and pansies etc have been planted, top dressed with fresh compost and watered. We have also put one of the hanging baskets back on the front, its looking good.

I then started to put in the miniature daffs in the front of the herbaceous border between the ladies mantle and the primula's that I put in earlier, also planted the clotted cream jasmine against the stalk of the euronymous that we have shaped into a ball. I also planted bigger daffs in spaces in between plants.

My back was telling me that it had enough so in we came.

The  plum toffee pan looks like it has had it, I have tried 5 times with various things to clean it and it has not worked so it looks like its for the bin. The only other thing I can think of is oven pride for cleaning ovens, not sure if it would react with the steel though and it is £4 a shot.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I had a nana nap, not waking till 3.30. No cake with our Earl Grey tea this afternoon.......

The trees are turning golden brown and leaves falling, a real sign that autumn is here. It will soon be time to put the clocks back. Then the dreaded 'C' word will be upon us.

DD2 will be with us for lunch again this year, she is working Christmas Day night, she says its the quietest night of the year, all the residents sleep well after all the goodies the day brings and I don't doubt that a little of the hard stuff passes a few lips as well.

Tomorrow is town day, library and market.


  1. "Well done on the various gardening tasks you accomplished in addition to the cleaning! A nana nap was well and truly in order after all of that work. Methinks you may need something for the aches before you go to bed tonight.

    Hope some process can save your pressure cooker or you can use it as is despite the stuff at the bottom.


  2. Rotten about your pan, it once took me a week of boiling with bio, soaking and repeating after OH made rather a mess of a stainless pan, I was lucky and eventually it came good, but I was not too happy with him!


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