Saturday, 27 September 2014

Its been one of those days, warmer out than in. My hands and feet were freezing until we went out when they warmed up.

DB spent the morning washing out the plant pots and putting them in the shed for next year. Not sure what I was doing all morning but I seemed to be on the go all morning. I did make plum jam, it was a bit of a disaster, it caught on the bottom of the pan, so I now have a mucky pan to clean.

DB had his flu jab this afternoon, I went with him and got a 12.5lb bag of spuds from Morrisons.

The nights are drawing in, the lights have been going on around 5.30 - 6pm these nights.


  1. At the present time we are experiencing some lovely sunny warm days, the nights are cool but it warm up to 70*C during the day. I am taking advantage of it and doing a lot of work outside in the garden. Power washed my front and back decks and then applied a coating of water repellant to preserve the wood. The muscles in my back are now feeling the effects of the extra exercise, but I am pleased it is done.
    The leaves are just starting to change colour and it looks as if we are going to be in for a fantastic show this year.
    I gets dark here at 7:30 these days, not looking forward to the cold weather ahead.

  2. Barbaras comment for today..........

    Well done to DB for getting all of the pots washed and put away 'ere the winter storms begin.

    Well done, you, in getting the plum jam made but am sorry it left a messier than usual pot for you to deal with. You'll be glad to have the yummy jam on toast or waffles during the colder days to come.

    I've made the label for the baby quilt and am about to stitch it onto the quilt back. Still need to make the hanging sleeves (two pieces) and stitch those on, too. Rather than sew this morning, I finished a book and did laundry.



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