Friday, 26 September 2014


Laundry out on the whirly first thing.

Chap came to look at the smoke alarm which keeps going off, he could not find anything wrong but put a new battery in.

I went to my quilting friends via Asda to fill the car with diesel, its 4p a litre cheaper than in the town. As usual good time with cups of tea and choccy biscuits. I came home with a big bag of plums and some blackberries. I shared the plums with DD2. I am going to make jam with mine.

Not a bad journey home, quite a bit of traffic but no real holdups on the way.


  1. Anne, how much was your diesel a litre? Last weekend I went to the South of Ireland and because of the good exchange rate for Euro I got my diesel for £1.11p
    At home it is £1.33

  2. Love both plums, and blackberries - especially wild ones picked from hedgerow brambles, ah the childhood memories just kicked in again!

    Happy weekend there - sunny and warm here after lots of rain this week.
    Hugs - Mary


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