Friday, 5 September 2014


No alarm set this morning so a bit later before we came down for breakfast.

OH out doing more to the sq ft bed, the book I ordered came this morning so he can read it.

No Friday clean done, in a bolshie mood so it can wait till bext week, the carpet was done on Monday and the kitchen floor washed. The work surfaces get cleaned down each night as well as in between meals.

Decided to do the marmalade I have been threatening to do for ages, so now have 5lbs of Marmalade to add to the cupboard when it has cooled down and set.

I slept on the settee for an hour this afternoon, did not sleep too well last night.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper. I have done oranges in jelly which will do us for dessert tonight and tomorrow.

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  1. How wonderful to suit yourself as to the tasks you choose to do! Every so often that is just the best thing to do. After all, you can do things tomorrow or next month! Suit yourself!

    Your marmalade must smell divine so wish there was scratch and sniff internet!

    It's hot and horribly humid here so 2 min. after going outside, you're as wet thru and thru as if you'd been in the bath. We're watering shrubs and small trees that are showing signs of being parched. So far, all the possible rain this week has missed us.

    Perhaps I'll make another peach cobbler but am too tired just now.



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