Thursday, 25 September 2014


Brrrrrrrr its cold this morning. I have laundry out, hope it dries ok.

Off to Aldi this morning, called at Tesco and got the Daily Mirror for the coupon, spent just under £40. Fingers cross that DS2 des not bring me 10lbs of stewing steal when he comes, I cannot get anything else in the freezer just now. We have been looking at the shed with speculative eyes, if the electric was run in could we get a small freezer in there. Something to think about.

The sky is very grey, rain was forecast for this morning but it has not arrived......

No sewing this afternoon exhausted after the shopping.

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  1. From Barbara.

    "Hope you had a good time while shopping and that your laundry dried. I remember my mother's frozen sheets that hung outside to dry when it was winter in Memphis. I thought bringing in those rigid cold sheets was fun but my mother didn't seem to think so.

    Also hope you have enjoyed your rest this afternoon and that, as welcome as meat would be, nothing arrives that cannot fit into your current freezer space. Interesting thought about a smaller freezer in the tool shed.

    Stay snug


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