Sunday, 14 September 2014


Its the finals day for the bowls. DB is in the singles final so I got up and made the breakfast and  DB's sandwiches,then went back to bed.

Got up for my lunch, prepped the roast chicken and veg for supper and also put a tray of ginger biscuits in, once they were cooked, retired to the settee to read. I have finished the knitting I was doing, nothing worth watching on TV until this evening, so reading it was.

DB arrived back, having lost his match just after I had settled down to read.

DB goes for his INR on Tuesday so I will go with him and we will walk up to the library, he may have to go and get the car to get me back, will nip into Morrisons for anything we need before we go away on Friday.

Sq ft garden with more compost mixed with manure.

                                Starting to put the dividers in

The finished bed, the one side has been left without dividers to enable us to plant garlic in a few weeks time. The plants that are stood in the squares are not staying there. The begonia will soon start to die back and the corm lifted and dried off to pot up another year.(The corm is one of three we were given by our old neighbour in Haddington) The french lavender needs to go in one of the small green houses for the winter and the mint pot is going to be emptied when I have taken some cuttings, the mint will be stripped off and dried the compost chucked on one of the squares. I am going to see if I can get some winter caulis and cabbage to put in 12 of the squares, next year we will raise them from seed.

The climbing beans are almost finished, whats left will go with us at the weekend and the compost on the garden. The courgette has finished that pot was emptied onto the herbaceous border.


  1. Your yard is wonderful. Will love seeing what is going to be grown next year. Hope you have a wonderful short trip and come back relaxed.

  2. Glad to hear you are taking things a little easier. The stress you have both encountered over the last few months has obviously taken its toll so some 'me time' reading should help you to relax in time for your much needed holiday away.
    DB has made a wonderful job of the square foot garden,and shall look forward to seeing all those veggies when they are grown. Sorry he lost the finals, but a great achievement to be runner up. Hope the fibro goes away soon.

  3. Brilliant garden plan and I wish you well!

    Sorry about the bowls outcome but am proud that DB made the finals!



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