Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumn Days

A sunny but crisp cold day. OK in the sun, but very cool in the shade, however all the bedroom and bathroom windows open to catch the sun. Will have to close them after lunch.

Managed to change the bed and do the clean on my own first time for weeks. DB out in the garden sorting out stuff and re-potting some plants that are too big for their pots!!

Two loads of laundry on the whirly, not that its whirling, but most of the stuff should dry in the sun and slight breeze.

Letter this morning, I am to get my left cataract done two weeks today. Quicker than I thought. So need to get organised will be a bit tied as to what I can do for a couple of days.

I sliced up the remains of yesterdays pork loin, enough for tonight with salad, another roast dinner and a couple of rounds of sandwiches, so quite economical, and I also have a small pot of pork dripping.....yum yum spread on toast with a bit of salt. Reminds me of coming in from school and dipping into the dripping bowl for a quick snack on some toast done on the Aga.

Did a bit more at the chicken casserole mat, Note to self, do not do brown legs on a dark green background!! Next one will have orange legs.


  1. In the States , we tell the doctor when we can come in! I need cataract surgery, too, but will postpone til after Christmas....

  2. The only restrictions on you post cataract surgery are don't get the eye wet and don't do anything in dusty or dirty environments. I see over 200 patients a week who have cataract surgery.

    The day of the actual surgery, it's go home, take it easy and relax.


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