Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Lazy Day - Not

I slept through DB getting up this morning, he woke me with my breakfast, so I stayed in bed until 10am.

We moved the large stone pots with the hostas in round to the back, they are dying back now. The two smaller pots are still there for now. We stripped the beans from the plants and took out the rogue lily bulb out, it has been temporarily put in with the other two that came through in the pot of the white ones. We have labelled them, they will be put in a pot of their own next year. Compost from the beans has been spread on the herbaceous bed and we have started to put the supports in for the clematis.

I baked bread yesterday so sliced it for lunch, used up the tuna mayo I had made in sandwiches.

Yesterday I quilted and part bound the Christmas tree wall hanging, I have the binding to sew down and also another wall hanging/table runner to layer up, quilt and bind. 4 pot holders/mats also await my attention with needle and thread.

The lemon scented geraniums I was sent are doing ok, signs of fresh growth.

I have an orchid that DD2 bought me for my birthdy last year, just noticed there are the start of 3 flower bearing stalks showing their noses, they could be in flower by Christmas. The one DD1 bought for mothers day is still 'resting'.

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  1. From Barbara,

    "Great garden accomplishments today and I know that feels good. When spring comes again and it's time to plant or pot your bulbs, you'll be glad for the note you put on the pot containing the rogue lily bulb.

    Hope you enjoyed your sewing today. I learned this morning that the baby who will receive the baby Single Irish Chain quilt was born sometime in the last 24 hours and I'm still hand sewing the binding down.



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