Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Another bright day, but a cool wind blowing, a great day for washing if you have any to do!!

Off into town, library, left DB there to do more research, I walked back with the shopping trolley through the market, picked up some apples, a sweetheart cabbage and half a cucumber.

Nipped into Morrisons to pick up a TV choice and also a couple of tins of beans. Shattered when I got back so painkillers and a cuppa with my leg up on the settee.

Prepped the shepherds pie for supper and the veg before DB came in. We will finish the crumble for dessert tonight.

Christmas chicken, this one is not for eating!!

Monday, 29 September 2014


It was quite sunny early on but as lunch time approached it came over dull, rain has been forecast.

Monday clean done, on my own again, DB was wrestling with one of the Hebe's he was trying to dig out of the top bed.

After a break for morning tea I sorted out the bulbs, pansies and primula's. All the geraniums are out  of the containers and pansies etc have been planted, top dressed with fresh compost and watered. We have also put one of the hanging baskets back on the front, its looking good.

I then started to put in the miniature daffs in the front of the herbaceous border between the ladies mantle and the primula's that I put in earlier, also planted the clotted cream jasmine against the stalk of the euronymous that we have shaped into a ball. I also planted bigger daffs in spaces in between plants.

My back was telling me that it had enough so in we came.

The  plum toffee pan looks like it has had it, I have tried 5 times with various things to clean it and it has not worked so it looks like its for the bin. The only other thing I can think of is oven pride for cleaning ovens, not sure if it would react with the steel though and it is £4 a shot.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I had a nana nap, not waking till 3.30. No cake with our Earl Grey tea this afternoon.......

The trees are turning golden brown and leaves falling, a real sign that autumn is here. It will soon be time to put the clocks back. Then the dreaded 'C' word will be upon us.

DD2 will be with us for lunch again this year, she is working Christmas Day night, she says its the quietest night of the year, all the residents sleep well after all the goodies the day brings and I don't doubt that a little of the hard stuff passes a few lips as well.

Tomorrow is town day, library and market.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunny Sunday

Very bright and quite warm outside, DB spent the morning washing the rest of the pots, they are now drying before being stored till we need them again.

I nipped over to Tesco for bio washing powder, I think we are going to have to chip the stuff off the base of the pressure cooker, nothing seems to be working. I will be annoyed if I have to scrap it. Got it new last year as a replacement free for my old one which stopped working properly. Cannot afford to buy another one. The stainless steel ones are mega expensive.

Apple and blackberry crumble in for dessert tonight. Have a chicken to cook, veg and stuffing done, just needs cooking.

Spent an hour this morning on the chicken wall hanging, almost finished blanket stitching the bits on. It then needs layered up and quilting. Planning on something other than scribble this time.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Its been one of those days, warmer out than in. My hands and feet were freezing until we went out when they warmed up.

DB spent the morning washing out the plant pots and putting them in the shed for next year. Not sure what I was doing all morning but I seemed to be on the go all morning. I did make plum jam, it was a bit of a disaster, it caught on the bottom of the pan, so I now have a mucky pan to clean.

DB had his flu jab this afternoon, I went with him and got a 12.5lb bag of spuds from Morrisons.

The nights are drawing in, the lights have been going on around 5.30 - 6pm these nights.

Friday, 26 September 2014


Laundry out on the whirly first thing.

Chap came to look at the smoke alarm which keeps going off, he could not find anything wrong but put a new battery in.

I went to my quilting friends via Asda to fill the car with diesel, its 4p a litre cheaper than in the town. As usual good time with cups of tea and choccy biscuits. I came home with a big bag of plums and some blackberries. I shared the plums with DD2. I am going to make jam with mine.

Not a bad journey home, quite a bit of traffic but no real holdups on the way.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Brrrrrrrr its cold this morning. I have laundry out, hope it dries ok.

Off to Aldi this morning, called at Tesco and got the Daily Mirror for the coupon, spent just under £40. Fingers cross that DS2 des not bring me 10lbs of stewing steal when he comes, I cannot get anything else in the freezer just now. We have been looking at the shed with speculative eyes, if the electric was run in could we get a small freezer in there. Something to think about.

The sky is very grey, rain was forecast for this morning but it has not arrived......

No sewing this afternoon exhausted after the shopping.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Last Lilies of Summer

Last week I cut the two remaining lily stalks. They have scented the sitting room ever since.

We had heavy rain overnight, the garden needed it, the ground was very dry. The water butt is now quite a bit fuller.

OH in the garden this morning washing pots, we have dozens to wash, dry, and store in the sentry box shed ready for next year.

I have cut out another chicken in Christmas fabrics this time, have to look for something for the background, need to be quite plain.

Belly pork in the pressure cooker for pork and bean casserole, will be having some of it for supper tonight. Also made a ring of scone and sorted out the fridge,DB has a thing about putting jam and sauces back in the wrong place. I go to get something and have to search for it......

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Market Day

Car in for service this morning so we were standing outside the library waiting for it to open. DB stayed to do some research I went off to the market.

Caught the bus home, Market day the buses are always running late.

DB collected the car, now £204 less rich!! Garage man said the brake shoes were beginning to show signs that they will need replacing before too long. That will be another £160!!

One funky chicken casserole mat bound. It will be going to a new owner shortly.

Fine afternoon. DB spent some time treating the grass and then painted the garden table and one chair with preservative.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumn Days

A sunny but crisp cold day. OK in the sun, but very cool in the shade, however all the bedroom and bathroom windows open to catch the sun. Will have to close them after lunch.

Managed to change the bed and do the clean on my own first time for weeks. DB out in the garden sorting out stuff and re-potting some plants that are too big for their pots!!

Two loads of laundry on the whirly, not that its whirling, but most of the stuff should dry in the sun and slight breeze.

Letter this morning, I am to get my left cataract done two weeks today. Quicker than I thought. So need to get organised will be a bit tied as to what I can do for a couple of days.

I sliced up the remains of yesterdays pork loin, enough for tonight with salad, another roast dinner and a couple of rounds of sandwiches, so quite economical, and I also have a small pot of pork dripping.....yum yum spread on toast with a bit of salt. Reminds me of coming in from school and dipping into the dripping bowl for a quick snack on some toast done on the Aga.

Did a bit more at the chicken casserole mat, Note to self, do not do brown legs on a dark green background!! Next one will have orange legs.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Bright sunny morning. DB put up a couple of supports for the clematis we put in a few weeks ago, they are climbing to heaven. One is not looking so good, will have to keep my eye on it.

Supper prepped, having a piece of the loin of pork I got from Tesco in the week. The last of the crumble for dessert.

No sewing today. DD2 and DGD expected for a cuppa on their way home from a walk.

The loin of pork was delicious, finished off the apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.

We went scrumping at lunchtime, the apple tree on the edge of our property is loaded with apples, some of them are not ready yet but we did get one or two. I think you can either eat or cook them.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

In My Sewing Room Today

My friend Shelly from Houston Texas sent me this pattern years ago. I made a chicken wall hanging which used to hang in our kitchen, but eventually it went to a new home in the south of France with my friend Jo.

I decided today to hook him out and make him into a casserole mat for the table.

He is fused applique which means I have to go round every bit with machine blanket stitch, which on some of the points is not easy. I wonder where he will end up!!

A Lazy Day - Not

I slept through DB getting up this morning, he woke me with my breakfast, so I stayed in bed until 10am.

We moved the large stone pots with the hostas in round to the back, they are dying back now. The two smaller pots are still there for now. We stripped the beans from the plants and took out the rogue lily bulb out, it has been temporarily put in with the other two that came through in the pot of the white ones. We have labelled them, they will be put in a pot of their own next year. Compost from the beans has been spread on the herbaceous bed and we have started to put the supports in for the clematis.

I baked bread yesterday so sliced it for lunch, used up the tuna mayo I had made in sandwiches.

Yesterday I quilted and part bound the Christmas tree wall hanging, I have the binding to sew down and also another wall hanging/table runner to layer up, quilt and bind. 4 pot holders/mats also await my attention with needle and thread.

The lemon scented geraniums I was sent are doing ok, signs of fresh growth.

I have an orchid that DD2 bought me for my birthdy last year, just noticed there are the start of 3 flower bearing stalks showing their noses, they could be in flower by Christmas. The one DD1 bought for mothers day is still 'resting'.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Weeping and Wailing

I am not, but I will not bore you with my views, I will just say I am so pleased that sense won the vote!!

Nasty morning, dull first thing and that turned to rain. DB was out working on the grass at the front where the caravan had been.

I shoved the dyson round the sitting room carpet. Baked a coconut cake and made an apple crumble for supper. We will be having fish, mash,peas and parsley sauce.

We watched a debate on the lap top from LCC on the way forward with the libraries in the effort to save around £40 million. The proposals which had been voted on by the public were accepted. We are fortunate our library is one of the 16 most used in the county and will not be subject to having to find volunteers to run it. There will be different opening hours and the library will be closed all day Thursday. Sunday opening had also been proposed but that was thrown out.

I also ironed DB's bowling trousers, I hate ironing trousers, but they are done. Also cleared up some stuff in the sewing area and cut the back for a project I am working on in dribs and drabs. I need to spray it with basting adhesive so I can quilt it. Need to cut the fabric for binding, another project finished. I also have a table runner to find some backing for, quilt and bind it.

I sat and read this afternoon for a while. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


We decided to go to todays meeting, the talk was about Gilbert and Sullivan and Musical Theatre. It was a subject close to out hearts as we have both sung in G & S shows at various times.

The talk was very interesting, interspersed with musical interludes to illustrate points in the talk, lots of tapping feet there.

A cup of tea afterwards and then we were on our way home.

After lunch DB cut the grass at the front and we inspected the piece where the caravan had stood. I think after some rain it will green up ok. There is one piece which we will have to reseed, but that can be done in the next few weeks.

I spent some time sorting out where some of the stuff from the caravan can be integrated back into the house and advertised a couple more things on gumtree.

Supper tonight will be fried eggs, wedges and baked beans.

Sorry to do this

For ages I have been stalked by an anonymous poster who seems to resent my being on earth for some reason, so from now on all anonymous posts will be deleted without being read.

I am sorry to do this as I know there are posters out there who do not have google accounts and do post comments, but in my present state I just cannot cope with any of this. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Just sold the caravan to a nice chap from Ludlow, he is now on his way home with the van.

What a day

Bad night, I could not sleep, just as I settled down DB decided he felt sick and spent the next 2 hours moaning and retching, nothing to come up......

I managed 2 hours sleep. Sorted out a couple of things and then decided to put the caravan on Gumtree. We are not using it as we would have had we still been living in Scotland so decided to sell it on. Its a shame that it would stand through the winter.

Went to B & Q to get stain for the garden table and chairs and then to post a parcel, when we got back there were 3 replies to the gumtree advert. A chap is coming from Ludlow hopefully to buy it, expecting him around 6.30pm.

We had to do a quick turn around and empty it, the sitting room looks like Paddy's Market with crates I still have to do something with. They can wait till tomorrow.

We have cancelled the trip this weekend. DB is really not well enough to go, so we will lock the door and spend the time reading.

Used the last of the chicken to make curry for supper.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Misty Morning

It was very misty first thing but then the sun came out and the mist went.

We went to the library and then parked at Morrisons. DB went to get his INR done, I nipped into the shop. No large bags of spuds, knew I should have bought them when I saw them, however picked up a 2.5 kilo  bag to keep us going.

DB went for his siesta, I read for a while after sorting out the supper.

Quite a warm afternoon, sat outside making the most of the sun before it disappears. The leaves on the trees are turning and starting to drop off, we picked up quite a few from the side passage this morning.

DB has a bowels meeting this evening so supper was a bit earlier. Tomorrow I need to concentrate on what we are taking with us for the weekend. So some time at the stove will be needed.

Monday, 15 September 2014

We decided to nip to Grantham this morning and get the money back for last weeks chicken. Bad decision I ended up spending £30 and then to compound it, went to Tesco for golden syrup and bought one of their pork loin joints for £8. I have cut it up into 2 roasting joints, 2 pork steaks and the end bit for a pork and bean casserole. Should last us a while along with the other meat I got.

A very grey morning, glad I have not had to do laundry as its very grey and has rained a couple of times.

OH had palpitations last night, this morning he has retired to bed with a dizzy,  then another this afternoon,just cannot win can I?

Sorting out yesterdays chicken, will do the thighs for tonight the rest of the  meat I will take off  and make some stock with the carcass.

 Turned into a sunny afternoon, quite warm as well.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Its the finals day for the bowls. DB is in the singles final so I got up and made the breakfast and  DB's sandwiches,then went back to bed.

Got up for my lunch, prepped the roast chicken and veg for supper and also put a tray of ginger biscuits in, once they were cooked, retired to the settee to read. I have finished the knitting I was doing, nothing worth watching on TV until this evening, so reading it was.

DB arrived back, having lost his match just after I had settled down to read.

DB goes for his INR on Tuesday so I will go with him and we will walk up to the library, he may have to go and get the car to get me back, will nip into Morrisons for anything we need before we go away on Friday.

Sq ft garden with more compost mixed with manure.

                                Starting to put the dividers in

The finished bed, the one side has been left without dividers to enable us to plant garlic in a few weeks time. The plants that are stood in the squares are not staying there. The begonia will soon start to die back and the corm lifted and dried off to pot up another year.(The corm is one of three we were given by our old neighbour in Haddington) The french lavender needs to go in one of the small green houses for the winter and the mint pot is going to be emptied when I have taken some cuttings, the mint will be stripped off and dried the compost chucked on one of the squares. I am going to see if I can get some winter caulis and cabbage to put in 12 of the squares, next year we will raise them from seed.

The climbing beans are almost finished, whats left will go with us at the weekend and the compost on the garden. The courgette has finished that pot was emptied onto the herbaceous border.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A restful day today, DB brought me breakfast in bed and apart from sort ing out the lunch and supper have done nothing else.

Fibro flare seems to be on the wane, but not counting my chickens just yet. We are going away for 3 days next week.

DB has spent most of the week laying out the sq ft bed, its almost done. He has left a long strip up one side for garlic which will go in when we get back.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


I am going to take some time out from blogging, some things going on I am not happy with.

Friday, 5 September 2014


No alarm set this morning so a bit later before we came down for breakfast.

OH out doing more to the sq ft bed, the book I ordered came this morning so he can read it.

No Friday clean done, in a bolshie mood so it can wait till bext week, the carpet was done on Monday and the kitchen floor washed. The work surfaces get cleaned down each night as well as in between meals.

Decided to do the marmalade I have been threatening to do for ages, so now have 5lbs of Marmalade to add to the cupboard when it has cooled down and set.

I slept on the settee for an hour this afternoon, did not sleep too well last night.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper. I have done oranges in jelly which will do us for dessert tonight and tomorrow.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Not a good night last night. DB could not settle, so we were still reading at 1am.

Trip to the drs. DB has wax in his ear, he as to put olive oil into it twice a day to soften it.

As far as I am concerned I have a fibro flare up and stress, Dr has upped my medication and I have to get as much rest as I can, various things allowing. I have to go back in 6 weeks to see how I am then.

The mug I bought the other day, the print is reminiscent of a Lowery painting.

DB has gone bowling this afternoon, they are playing his old team Abbey Park, so I dare say he will be meeting a few old friends.

No supper to cook tonight, DB gets a tea, so I will have to find something for my supper.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A dull start but by the time we were ready to go out the sun had broken through and it was quite warm.

I dropped DB off to get his hair cut and then went on to the library to check in our books and choose some more, DB joined me. He had seen some pansies on the market for £1.80 so we walked back to get them and popped into Boyes, I wanted batteries for the handset to the upstairs TV and also a plastic mesh drainer for when I make the plum jam. Picked up another china mug with a Lowrey like scene painted on it.

After a quick cup of tea in the garden DB bashed on wth putting the wood round the sq ft bed. I sorted a few jobs inside before preparing the lunch. Supper tonight, grilled gammon steak, mash and the left over gratin from yesterday. Dessert - well the jury is out on that one just now.

I managed to sleep for about 2 hours this afternoon, feel lousy just now but guess I might feel better later on. Time to cook the supper shortly.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Work in progress

Very bright morning, but the cool feel of autumn is in the air.
We sat on the patio to have our morning tea,  making the most of it whilst we can. September is to be a good month according to the forecast.

DD2 due after lunch so scones made, also prepped the cauliflower and broccoli gratin for supper, I do a jacket potato and baked tomato's with it. The last of the crumble for dessert. No bananas again Anonymous.

OH has been in the garden all morning treating the wood for the sq. ft. bed.

The bed has been dug over and the herb container moved between the two clematis on the fence, so we can get at both sides of the bed.

Man at work!! OH painting the wood to divide the bed up. This is all wood we already had, so nothing new to buy. The longest bits come from the very large container which fell apart. It used to stand outside the railings at the cottage. Was never the same after the horse box hit it back in 2010.

I started unpicking a quilt cover last night, will use the fabric to make the casserole cover from Mortgage free in Three. I plan to give it a try out when we go to Manton in a couple of weeks.

Monday, 1 September 2014

No Laundry today - good job

A very dreich morning, it has rained overnight and presently drizzle is persisting from a very grey sky.

I summoned up all my small store of energy and did the bedroom bathroom and landing OH did the hoovering. Dyson taken down stairs and the living room carpet hoovered, reset the dyson to do the kitchen floor and then mopped it, jobs that should have been done on Friday But I was going out so needed to reserve my energy.

DB announced this morning that he has 'gone deaf' in one ear......so, try cleaning then out occasionally, no, need medical attention, appointments made for both of us Thursday morning.

I must do the ironing today, will have a rest on the settee when DB goes for his siesta and then go and tackle the ironing. If I leave it I will have twice as much this time next week. I might also look at the sewing thats sitting on the ironing board.

Supper tonight, egg beans and wedges, more of the crumble for dessert.


The rain cleared at lunchtime so DB decided to forego his seista and go out to the garden. Came in when it started to rain again about 2.30.

I did the ironing and sorted out some fabric, looking at maybe finishing a pot holder, have to sew the binding on.