Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What a Grey Day!!

It poured with rain yesterday all day and all night, so everything is very wet.

Did a full freezer a cupboard audit, as I suspected we need meat, not much of any use left in the freezer.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy during the morning. He is supposed to be bowling this afternoon, was expecting a phone call to say its off, the green will be saturated. The match was played DB lost but not too badly, so honour is upheld. He brought home some apple mint, one piece of which has a few roots on, so it has been potted up fingers crosses it will grow.

Put the pressure cooker on with the blade bone from the lamb, onions and soup mix to make scotch broth. I had a tin of carrots in the cupboard so decided to put them in when it finished cooking. Next month I will have to look at tinned/dry stuff in case we get bad weather and cannot get out in the winter.

It fined up for a while after lunch I washed the the under blanket from our bed, it dried fairly quickly, so its folded up and in the airing cupboard. Towels in the machine to wash in the morning, hopefully they will dry.

Chap coming to measure up for the new windows and back door later when he has finished the job he is on, so it might be supper time before he gets here.

Mince and dough balls for supper tonight, we have some bananas to eat so that's dessert sorted.

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  1. Well done on your food audit and your plans to use what's available sound yummy! It seems mighty early to think about bad weather food stocks but you know your part of the world better than I do.

    Sorry about the dd, but am glad DB was at home when it happened.

    I am piecing and preparing three bindings today and hope to sew the borders on the placemats, too.



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