Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Bright, blowy morning. Towels out on the line.

Herbaceous border plants in and more pots placed, I put in 40 plants this morning, more to come and the daffodil bulbs to plant out in October.

I am shattered, my hands and nails are disgraceful and my muscles screaming, but the first part is done. Pain killers and a manicure me thinks.

The soil is clay, bright yellow clay, I also found a lot of broken cement, I think the builders had smashed up the floor of the garage that stood where our house is and buried it under topsoil. I am glad I decided to do the job today the fact that we had quite a bit of rain made the soil heavy but easier to dig than if it was baked hard by the sun.

Towels were dry by lunch time, so folded and put away.

Supper tonight eggs, wedges and beans. Banana for dessert.


  1. Love the beauty and order you and DB had brought to the back garden borders! That border edging looks really nice, too. Yes, I vote for a long shower, liniment, pain pills, and that manicure. Applause, applause!!

    When I was a child I didn't seem to notice how soil can stain skin but these days it certainly does. What's up with that?

    Today it's sunny and will be in the low 90s*F if the forecast is right. I'm taking DS2 to the doctor for a routine appt. and then have to stop at the library. AMIL and I will need to press the SIC quilt top today, too.


  2. You have both done well making your border so neat. It will be very colourful in Spring and beyond. I do agree,a manicure is the order of the day. Just sit and be pampered, and really enjoy it. You certainly deserve it.


  3. That is a job well done :)
    Virtual pat on the back for you
    X x


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