Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Bright morning, so we cracked on and got the roof and side of the van sorted. There is just one bit to do now, it can wait until next week.

I changed my sewing room round a bit, it gives me a little more room and makes it easier to get in to the shelves, I sorted out some of the bits I have taken out of the bits and strip box. I have some that will make some pot holders.

DB went for his siesta and I had a quick nap. I am very tired and a bit depressed for some reason.

Phone call from LL's mother the chap is coming Friday to measure the kitchen window and door and also the small window in the hall. So we will be getting them replaces at some point.

Supper tonight reduced price chicken kiev with mash, cauli and calebrese. raspberry delight for dessert. I bought fresh raspberries yesterday from the market.

This is the pot of lilies that I cut the stem from thats in the house, looks like it might reach its full potential next year.

Our next project, to clear the Hebe which has been allowed to just grow wild, I am going to see if I can get some cuttings from it, then we have to cut back the two euronymous that are both coming through the Hebe and going up the fence. We have 2 clematis that are going on the back fence I just might squeeze in a climbing jasmine as well.


  1. Love the new header photo that shows off your lovely lilies and the pretty teacups and teapots that are on the shelves behind it!

    Well done on all that you accomplished in the sewing room to make a bit more room and function better for you. I look forward to seeing a photo of this room in due time (hint, hint!).

    The back garden is looking good!

    I suppose it's no wonder you're tired and a bit depressed with all the work you've been doing around the house. Take good care of you.


  2. Beautiful pictures especially the lilies which are my favourite flowers. You have done amazingly well in a short time. Enjoy the sewing room.x Ginny

  3. Love the new picture!
    You have done so well to be settled and organised in your new home so soon.
    Your garden is so nice, you know all the plants and where to put them, I should try and learn from you, I have a lot of failures.
    It is hot here in Texas so we are limited what we can grow. I dearly wanted some lavender, so bought a plant from the garden center and it died after a couple of weeks, even though I was careful to water it every day.
    I look forward to your blog every day.
    Pam in TX.xx


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