Sunday, 3 August 2014

We have wind

Late getting up, after 9am before I opened my eyes.

Its sunny but there is quite a breeze, I had to rescue one of the clematis, the top growth had gone over the top of the fence.

DB messing about in the garden. DS2 wound the screw for the rotary dryer right into the grass for me yesterday, washer on with a coloured load. Should dry. At least there is nothing that needs ironing when its dry, it can just be folded and put away.

Steps up to the attic, did not need to get up, just shoved the table and the bag with the curtains in up and to one side, so thats something else cleared up. Really beginning to look like home now.

The local country park is close to us here, I am going to have a look and see if its within walking distance, time for some exercise me thinks.

Possibility of one of my US quilting friends and her husband coming to visit next spring, exciting. its at least 10 years since she was last here for the Malvern spring quilt show.

Lunch in the garden, there is quite a breeze just takes the edge off the sun. DB went for a siesta, afternoon tea and the last of the chocolate cake.

Everything prepped for tonight supper, roast chicken, with carrots, green beans and courgette, roast potato. I have made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert with some custard.

The routine starts tomorrow, the house is looking ok, so time to start keeping it looking that way.


  1. How lovely to see the end in sight for the moving process. Home Sweet Home, with your cherished books and pretty bits, photos, and art just where you want them. What well-earned bliss!

    I can just imagine how pleased DB is with the improvements he's made in the garden, too.

    We had more rain last night so all looks lush and green once again.

    I'm stymied on this Swoon block as I am being indecisive on where I want bright fabrics and where I want the background fabric. If I'm still stuck a week from now, back on the shelves it all goes.


  2. Pleased that you are feeling more settled and that routines can be started up again - that will help as well. xxx

  3. Hope we get inside photos soon for this nosey person :)


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