Thursday, 21 August 2014

We finished off the roof of the caravan this morning. I opened the back window to air it, I need to go through and see what is needed for our little trip next month.

I needed eggs so I walked to Tesco, picked up a small shoulder of lamb which will do nicely for Sunday lunch. We are lunching this week as we have been invited out for tea.

DB had a bit of a sort out in the shed, I still have to decide where the shelf unit is to go that was in the sewing room, favourite at present is the kitchen. DB asked if I was going to paint it, not sure really, will depend on if DS2 is coming on Saturday.

DB went for is siesta, I relaxed on the settee and read.

Supper tonight tomato and bacon pasta and salad, garlic bread. Not sure whats for dessert but it will be something from the freezer.

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  1. How marvelous that your caravan is clean, tidy, and that you can happily plan for your upcoming trip!

    I wish you well in deciding where the shelving unit will go. We have virtually bumper to bumper furniture but know you like your furniture layout to be less crowded. Don't you love shelving units? I do.

    How long does it take to walk to Tesco?

    I'm off to take AMIL to see the sleep doctor early this arvo but have some things to do first. It's hot, humid, and sunny today so the car will be hot.

    I've decided to put a border on the placemats so have pulled fabrics off the shelf to audition.

    Your dinner sounds yummy!



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