Monday, 18 August 2014

Wash Day

Monday morning, how quickly it comes round again!!

Laundry put in last night, ready to hang out straight after breakfast.

DB wanted to clean the roof of the caravan, I made him wait until I had done the Monday clean, no way was he going on a ladder without me being at the bottom. He did half the side and the back part of the roof before I called time. Hope to get the other bit done on wednesday.

Macaroni cheese made for supper tonight, will do the salad later.

DD2 due after lunch,she wants to go to Tesco as well,

Sunny in parts, we still have quite a breeze, so the washing is drying. DB tells me it is to rain at lunchtime.

Tomorrow is market day.

I watched the programme about Richard III last night, it was very interesting.

Some one left a comment asking why, when we are retired, we still set the alarm. So that we get up and are able to get the various jobs done before lunch, then we can do whatever we please in the afternoon.


  1. Cheers for wind power to dry you laundry and for your sensible plan to be busy in the morning so you can do as you choose to in the arvo. Seems a really good idea to me!

    I so agree that being careful on ladders is reasonable - especially at DB's tender age! I'm glad you were there to hold the ladder and to be ready to call for help if needed.


  2. My second load has just gone on the line, my towels are dry and fluffy thanks to the warm wind. We had rain and drizzle earlier but it soon cleared to blue sky and sunshine.
    Dinner is meatloaf with mash and broccoli, I may make a pudding, or heat a slice of banana cake and make a little custard. I do not need to set an alarm, I rarely sleep later than 5.30 so, like you, can get all the jobs done before lunch. I love my afternoons to do as much or as little of what I want.

  3. I am the same with mornings. Wish I could have seen the Richard 3rd program. Has he been buried in Leicester yet?


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