Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Sunny but very windy, we are forecast rain again and there have been some dark clouds scudding overhead. I did get two loads of laundry dry, so everything up to date.

DB is still very weak, it has taken a lot out of him, he got up just after 11am, back in bed for a nap, will get up later and try to stay up until bedtime. I doubt he will make it, but its up to him, only he knows what he feels like.

I paid to park in the town this morning next to the library, I am struggling myself just now, so decided to spend £1.20 to park for an hour, rather than struggle up to the library from Morrisons.

Library books changed, fresh fruit and veg  bought, paid in a cheque at the bank and got the TV times, took me just under the hour. DB stayed in bed whilst I was out. Will try to get him up before breakfast tomorrow, we have an appointment to get our feet done at lunch time.

Expecting an approved foods order but not sure if its coming today or tomorrow, will have to wait and see. They had put the wrong address on it. It may go back to the depot and be back out tomorrow.

Made a lemon drizzle cake for DD2 coming this afternoon, she arrived with my birthday present, a bottle of Cava, a bunch of flowers fron DGD and a card. My present was a wire chicken egg holder

Chicken complete with eggs. I have wanted one of these for ages.

Flowers from DGD,

Supper tonight was sausage, mash and beans requested by DB. We had peaches and jelly for dessert.

We had a few minutes of very heavy rain this afternoon, it soon cleared up and the sun is now shining again.


  1. How yummy the lemon drizzle cake must be and just perfect for a little party! Love your wire chicken basket and the flowers are lovely, too. Hope you can have some Cava tonight.

    Am glad to hear you got your laundry dry and errands run before the rain came. There are times it's well worth a parking fee to save time and feet.

    I'm sorry to hear DB is still sick and so weak. Perhaps the appt. at noon tomorrow for him will need to be postponed if he's still weak?

    Our rain seems to have gone north of us but there a chance of rain later today.

    Today I'm cutting a gradation orange fabric as a narrow border for the skeleton panel. Next will be a glow-in-the-dark border and that will be it for this. It will be ready to go the the quilter if I decide to take it to her. Then I will be on to placemats with the Edgar Allen Poe Raven fabric, then back to the Swoon citrus project.


  2. Your pressies are lovely Anne. Hope E is feeling better soon.
    We spent a couple of hours at the marina this afternoon. The only problem was the tide was out coming home and it's difficult climb to the gate to get out.

  3. Your egg basket is cute.
    Will you just keep the eggs you're using that day in the basket, for them to get to room temperature before baking etc?
    We started keeping ours in the fridge after the reports on food safety, refridgeration stops the salmonella virus from multiplying, also egg quality deteriorated after 2 days without refridgeration. The stores always keep them with the cooling system.
    Times change don't they? At one time nobody would think of putting eggs in the fridge.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The chicken basket is very nice! Your new apartment has come together and looks wonderful. I hope the two of you are rested after the move. Best wishes....


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