Thursday, 28 August 2014


Rained as we drove to Grantham this morning, by the time we got to Aldi it had stopped.

Large store and plenty of shoppers. DB did my quilting guru's shop for her, whilst I concentrated on ours. DD2 had got 2 daily mirror's so we got coupons for some stuff, pus £5 off a £40 shop, mine was £64.62 so the £5 came in handy. DD2 also donated her fuel points from Tesco so I filled the car up for £21.

Sun was out when we got home and DB espied the window cleaner in the street, so we got the windows cleaned, cost the same as at Asfordby, so thats ok, comes every 6 - 8 weeks.

All the shopping put away. Soup and sandwiches for lunch enough left for DB to have soup tomorrow.

DB cut the grass and we sorted a few more plants I will put tem in on Saturday of its fine. Started to rain so gardening suspended for today.

Meatballs and bacon tonight, not sure about dessert yet.

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