Thursday, 14 August 2014


The wind has dropped, some sunshine but black clouds scudding over and we had quite a deluge for a while at lunchtime, big heavy drops, so proper storm rain.

DB was up for breakfast, did an hour in the garden and retired for a snooze after lunch we finish up what was left of last nights quiche, the bottom was a little soggy despite me pre cooking it.

Last night I got on the the page with the planning application for our old apartment. The preliminary work had been going on for a lot longer than the LL admitted to. The amount of details and the full plans for the site suggest that they are going to develop it themselves rather than sell the land. Either that or they have a firm bid on the land from a builder. I am really angry. In the Justification for permission to demolish this is part of what it says:

'Any alternative scheme seeking to retain the flats in their current form is not considered to be viable, as the property has become increasingly difficult to manage and let.

 To illustrate;
 Concerns have been raised by tenants over recent years, in respect of cold interiors, damp, condensation and mould growth.

 As a result of cold weather, tenancy numbers have actually fallen in Autumn and Winter periods. In some cases, weather conditions have prompted tenants to leave the property.

 The flats have successfully let over the past 20 years, often for several years at a time. Yet, tenancies have become shorter in duration; a central problem cited is the high cost of heating the flats, during cold periods. For example - last winter all 5 units became vacant within a few weeks of each other, the majority remaining so for 3 to 4 months.

 Letting agents have advised that rent levels achievable on the large flats is lower than one would expect of their size, due to the excessive cost of heating each space.

 Crucially, the energy cost problem will only escalate with regard to current inflationary pressures in electricity and gas markets.

The issue is also not solely contingent upon energy prices; the flats are relatively large spaces, thus requiring greater heating levels compared to modern flats, available elsewhere in Melton.'
I am convinced that plans were ongoing at the time we took the tenancy. Had I have known this there is no way we would have moved from Asfordby.

The planning application is very detailed and includes detailed specifications for the houses that are to be built.

There are 4 'affordable' houses being built, this is what I think will lead to the plans being passed, there is a shortage of 2 and 3 bedroomed houses in the area.

Ironing done, just need to put it away, might try and spend an hour tomorrow doing some sewing. I did sit and hand sew the binding down on the table runner, have to finish it tonight.

Supper tonight is spag bol with garlic bread and a couple of the raspberry sponge puddings I got from AF yesterday.

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  1. How irritating it is to read what the planning application says! It just proves that your former LL did nothing helpful for those previous tenants to rid the flats of the problems that were listed. She should have been honest with you and DB before you signed rental papers there. Grrrrr!

    Applause for getting all of that ironing done!

    Hope you're enjoying the hand stitching. It is so very satisfying to finish projects! I've just finished the outer border on the skeleton panel and am about to have some lunch.

    Your dinner and dessert sound yummy!


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