Sunday, 31 August 2014

The End of a Week

The herbaceous bed is planted up with all the plants that are going in for now. I will be putting daffs in shortly and also planting up the two containers on the front with flowers for the spring. Hands and nails in a mess again, never mind a couple of days and they will be sorted. 

I have tried wearing gloves to garden in but find they are just too clumsy, I need to feel the plants as I put them in.

Chap came at lunchtime with the sky box from freecycle, so I  can fix up the bedroom TV if DB has to spend any time in bed.

The damson jam has set well, my friend Cotton Reel tells me she has some victoria plums for me, she is going to freeze them, so Plum jam coming up as well.

It was quite warm outside this morning but by 3pm it was starting to cool down, a sure sign autumn is on its way.

Pork for supper, I have made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert, it will last us a couple of days.

I was asked about treating the grass, we use evergreen feed and weed. DB puts it on the grass  at least 3 days after it has been cut. If it does not rain within 24 hours you have to water it in. Then just leave it and the moss goes black and the other weeds go brown. After a couple of weeks scarify it with a rake and the weeds and moss will come out. At this point if you need to you can sow grass seed. You can get an autumn mix for sowing now. We use canes and black thread to stop the birds form eating the seed before it has time to germinate. Once we get a reasonable amount of rain any parched grass will green up again.

By the spring you should have a nice lawn. Thats the time to give it a feed ready for the summer.

Any grass, weeds etc you scarify out of the grass should be put in the dustbin not in your compost heap, it will kill everything off thats in the bin.


  1. Thanks for all that info on treating lawns. Very useful. Glad the damson jam turned out so good, and now you will be able to make plum jam too. Wish I had a friend with fruit growing in their garden.


  2. Yes, thank you for the info about the lawn - I will look out for some of that. Hope you are both keeping well, and pacing yourselves. I am hoping that once the dust settles here, I may be able to get over in your direction for a cuppa! Take care xxx


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