Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunny Saturday

Its been a sunny day, quite a breeze though it dried the laundry fine, just folded it and most can be put straight away, just a shirt of DB's to be added to the ironing pile.

When I cam back from Cotton Reels yesterday I brought with me a bag of lavender to strip and some damsons. DB ate a couple last night the rest I have turned into jam this afternoon, I used the pressure cooker, I no longer have a jam pan, I do not make enough jam to warrant buying one. The worst bit was fishing the stones out, some have escaped, I saw then tumbling into the jars.

We walked to Tesco this morning to get a TV magazine, with not going into the market I didn't pick one up as I usually do. DB had a letter to post, could not find a letter box, but saw the postman, it was stamped so he took it.

DB cut the front grass, there is a lot of clover in it, all being well he will treat the back grass next week and then do the front. Needless to say none of the plants have been put in, they will have to wait for another day.

Ham fritatta and salad for supper, I think we might finish off the bananas tonight.


  1. How many jars of damson jam did your 3lb of damsons produce - minus the damsons eaten by DB, of course!

    Mail boxes seem to be disappearing from street corners here, too, as email carries the day.

    I'm trying to gear up to machine quilt the place mats and table runner. I seem to have lost my momentum, so it you find it, please sent it back this way. Ta!

    Perhaps I've found an acceptable couple of borders for the Christmas tree panel but am waiting for DH to come see and approve the fabric combination.


  2. Can almost smell the damson jam!! Delicious, even with the odd stone. Good that you are near enough to walk to the store. We are having our last bbq of the year today, so have been busy preparing all the salad, rice and couscous. My DB is the cook.


  3. Interested to know what you are treating the grass with as we have used Verdone the last couple of years and it hasn't had the impact this year that I would have liked....glad you got the jam made - I've made some greengage but the Victoria plums have just been stoned and frozen for now. Hugs xx

  4. I'd be interested to know how you treat the grass too and what with. Had good intentions to do mine this year but thought I'd now left it too late for grass seed to grow, am I still ok to do it now with a good chance of it growing? I was thinking that I'd be left with a brown lawn until next year if I did it now.


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