Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sun and showers

Sun was shining when we eventually got up, Saturday and Sunday we do not set the alarm.

DB spent some time in the garden, he has finished the herbaceous border, so we can start to put the plants in, and is now edging the side of the grass in the front and putting stone in so he can just run the mower up to the edge.

I had to go to the sorting office to pick up a package.

Started to sort out my quilting threads, I have enough to stock a small shop, I have put them in boxes according to type, i.e. Hand quilting, all purpose or dual duty, all the cotton threads are now in one container.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, supper tonight will be grilled gammon, eggs, tomato, baked beans and may be a slice of fried bread, except I do not fry mine, I wipe the pan out with the bread and then shove it under the grill.

We have bananas that need eating up, so that's dessert, toffee bananas!!!


  1. It sounds like your front and back garden are becoming the lovely places you enjoy so much! You and DB have certainly worked diligently to make it beautiful. I look forward to more photos when the plants have settled in.

    We seldom set the clock on weekends either but Tom, the younger cat, usually is calling for food at about 8a, so I get up soon thereafter just to keep him quiet.

    Good for you in organizing your many threads! I need to organize this entire sewing room once again.

    Sunny and warmer here today with a high near 90*F.


  2. I love bread cooked in the bacon pan but only have it on rare occasions. I am planning a border but for fruit and veg, all my flowers will stay in the front.

  3. Just wondering why you set the alarm if you haven't any appointments to keep?
    I'm hoping once I'm retired mine won't need setting much at all!


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