Saturday, 9 August 2014


Fine sunny morning but with quite a breeze, we are warned that we will get heavy rain and high winds as a downgraded hurricane hits us over night tonight.

Nothing much done this morning, late getting up, Saturday we do not set the alarm so it was after 9am when I woke. A much better night than the night before, despite a 'nana nap' in the afternoon I was shattered.

DB went for his siesta after lunch and I settled down to read, next thing I know he is downstairs, I must have drifted off to sleep. I think we are both suffering from the after effects of running on adrenaline for the last month.

One good thing, the chap signed for the apartment yesterday so we should get out deposit back this week.

I posted about virgin on their facebook page, it was picked up and someone is looking into it for me, so for now its on the back burner.

I had a cheque from SSE for overpayment on the gas, but a bill for £65 for the electric, getting readings for the electric at the apartment was hopeless the LL would only read the meters for me and I used to read them every week as I am doing here. We are using less electric here. I was lucky if they got read once a month there.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are going to DD2's for lunch so no supper tomorrow. DB was due to play bowls this afternoon the other side of the county,as he had 3 dizzies this week I suggested that he withdraw from the game.

Supper tonight herb fritatta and salad,  Peaches and ice cream for dessert.

I sat last night and sewed the binding down on 2 more pot holders, I just have to do the small table runner, will start on that this afternoon, once I have woken up.


  1. Cheers that you can anticipate bits of dosh coming back to you as things settle in the aftermath of the house move! I can well imagine that adrenaline kept you and DB going with all you had to do in the weeks before and now after moving house.

    I agree it was wise for DB to give bowls a miss today since the game was to be so far from home.

    Today I think I'll finish the Swoon block but I'm finding that a 16" block is astonishingly large. I wonder if our house is bit enough that it won't look huge? Is that silly?

    Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! Wonder what kind of birthday cake your DD2 will bake for you?


  2. Have a nice birthday and enjoy the day

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day. Hope you have a wonderful birthday lunch with DD2 tomorrow.


  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow - hope you have a lovely day xxx

  5. Wishing you Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

  6. Sending love and best wishes for a Happy Birthday, have a lovely day X


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