Saturday, 23 August 2014


Bright and sunny early on but it soon clouded over.

DB playing bowls this afternoon so bacon sandwiches at lunch time, he will get a tea, so I will find myself something for supper.

I might spend some time up in the sewing room later.

Lamb prepared for tomorrows lunch, will have to be up so we get lunch at a reasonable time, we are going to a local garden open day on the way to DD2's.

Re the shelf unit in the kitchen, I am intending to paint it at some point but as DS2 was here, let him put it up, did not want him to have to do a special journey just to do that. I discovered this morning he has put a bracket on the outside watt near the tap for the hosepipe. We can wind the hose onto it off of the ground. Very handy......

I forgot to say yesterday I managed to scald my foot. On Thursday night my feet were freezing despite having socks on in bed, so I decided to fill a hot water bottle. Put it in the bed and pushed it down with my foot, yikes almost scalding hot water on my heel, made worse by the fact that it had soaked into my sock!! The bottle had burst. I was a bit surprised as it was new earlier in the year. I had some wasp eaze in the first aid kit so DB sprayed it generously over my heel, Boy did it sting, but thankfully stopped it blistering. It was suggested that we get an electric blanket, but they are so expensive, we have a Queen size bed......almost £100!! Having said that I have just found one in Argos which is £70, we have £15 of argos vouchers, it might be worth thinking about especially if it could be put on a time switch so it was warm when we get into bed.

I have been researching square foot gardening on the Internet, we have a bed at the bottom of the patio which I think would convert easily into a small veg growing patch. I will get DB to have a read and see what he thinks, if we can only grow salad crops, beans, carrots, courgette, tomato's and cucumbers through the summer it would be a help. It is too small to grow cauliflower, calebrese or cabbage unless we divide it into thirds and just grow them for winter consumption. Cauliflowers are very expensive just at the moment. We have grown greyhound cabbage before it grows quite quickly, and, if its not allowed to get too big is really nice.

Time to go, DB has just phoned for my choice of food for the Presentation evening dinner. So thats fixed, he also told me he is in the final of one of the competitions so we have a dowls match appointment the week before we got for our 'away 3 days'.


  1. do they have electric mattress pads in the UK? That is what we hve and I just turn it on to warm the sheets and turn it off when we are ready to sleep. It has more heat at the foot and less at the top. Dont know if it would be less expensive.

  2. So sorry to hear about the hot water bottle. The same thing happened to my husband a few years ago, and it took ages to dry out the mattress!! Hope your foot is OK now, and I suggest an electric blanket is a good option. We have one that has duel control,and during the winter months, we put it on an hour before going to bed, and switch it off as soon as we get in. Nice and toasty for the feet.
    Congratulations to DB for reaching the final. Hope he wins. Enjoy the garden tomorrow and also tea at DD2.

  3. Oh, ouch!! I hope your foot is healing well and it's not too uncomfortable from the burn.

    When my parents were getting older, we gave them an electric blanket one Christmas. They would turn it on about 20 min. before they went to bed so the bed was wonderfully warm when they got in. Dad said his old bones really enjoyed getting into a warm bed. They chose to turn the blanket off right then.

    Now there are blankets that have regions of warmth, so it's toastier down where your feet are. Since we have cats who have claws, we got a heated mattress pad and it's also lovely when the nights are cold.

    How nice of DS2 to put up a hook so you can hang your hose when you're not using it! Square foot gardening sounds so interesting. Will have to look into that.

    Where are the shelves that are in your header photo located in your home?

    Well done that DB is in the bowls final!!


  4. We have a slumberland blanket that you can turn on for just 10mins for preheating the bed which is handy . It then goes to a 1hr switch

    Sue R

  5. Electric blankets are certainly not frugal!

    Knit yourself some cosy bedsocks.


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