Sunday, 17 August 2014

Same again

Another day of wind and showers, we had to rescue pots several times.

DB had palps yesterday, despite medication they did not go off. until after midnight last night. The meds also seem to be making him tired, this happened once before. He went for nap before lunch.

We went out for short walk after lunch, through the local grave yard. It's very well kept, neat and tidy. A circular walk bringing us back to the top of the road.

Supper tonight, roast pork, potato's, carrots, cauli. Banana for dessert.

A quite week for us this week. DD2 will be here tomorrow afternoon and I guess we will be at the market and library on Tuesday.Apart from that we will just be at home. If the weather is ok we may start to put some of the plants in.

I also hope to hear from my computer chappie during the week. I guess I am going to have to load everything again!,

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  1. What blustery weather you're having. It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day recorded in that book.

    Sorry the palps weren't quickly ended by the medicine. Bother! I can imagine the palps are tiring by themselves, let alone any fatigue caused by the medicine. I'm glad he felt like going for that tranquil walk.

    Am about to cut Nevermore fabric ...



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