Monday, 11 August 2014


Bright morning, no rain but still a very blustery wind.

DB still moaning so Dr called, we need to get a sample sent off to be tested, just in case. Although the diarrhea has cleared up or so it seems.

Monday clean done and two lots of laundry blowing on the whirly which DS2 screwed down for me. His hands are stronger than mine.

The wind had blown over the water barrel that is waiting to be installed, the rest of the garden does not seem to be too bad. The hanging baskets on the front keep squeaking as they swing on their chains.

I am really annoyed, Dr did not come out, but phoned, asked to speak to DB. Does not seem at all concerned, could not care less if he has C Diff again.....the man is a moron. I told DB whilst he was talking on the phone to the Dr that if he did turn out to have C Diff again I would sue the Dr. I have to go and collect a script for him after 3pm.

All the washing dry, had to fetch it in it started to rain, have just got a few thicker things airing. I now have to tackle another lot of ironing. Hope to do a coloured wash tomorrow then its all up to date.

DB got up for lunch and then went back to bed, I am hoping he will come down for his supper and maybe sit up for a while. Save me running up and down stairs!!


  1. Sorry to hear that DB is still sick but am glad the symptoms are lessening. Bother that the doctor didn't come, but then few doctors here make house calls these days. Hope the medicine is the cure and that this bug isn't C-Diff.

    You've managed to accomplish a lot despite tending your patient. Hope you had a lovely, quiet arvo when you could read, nap, or do some sewing.


  2. Glad DB sounds a little better. I am not surprised at the Dr's reaction, none of our Dr's do house calls if they can help it, but will ring!! I wonder how they see your rash is that is the prob?!!! I can better your trouble thought! A couple of weekends ago my Stepmother, who is 88 had been to the hosp the day before for an injection in her eye for Macular Degeneration and the next day, Saturday, I called into see her and her she was in a state as she was unable to open her other eye as it was so swollen. SM is profoundly deaf, so doesn't have a phone. I said I would pop home to get the out-of-hours Dr's phone no. because luckily, I haven't had to deal with out-of-hrs for a good many years. It is now this 'marvellous' 111. I rang them, and the long and short of it was, that they couldn't help me because I wasn't actually WITH the patient, I said that SM didn't have a phone, the woman on the other end of the phone said someone in her block of flats must have a phone I could use!! I was flabbergasted to say the least. SM only lives 5 mins away and I pass the out of hrs Dr's base, so I called in and explained, The receptionist couldn't have been nicer or more helpful, she took SM's particulars and then said 'go and get her'! Which I did, we did have to wait 2hrs to see a Dr but others could have been more poorly than SM! I dread having to ever ring them again. nhs at it's best!!!!!

    1. Yes, ringing 111 is a nightmare and in my experience very time consuming and stressful, and ultimately not at all helpful. I hope I never, ever have to ring 111 again! Vee x

  3. CDiff has a very distinct odour.

    So if it's not smelling like a horse barn, chances are pretty good he hasn't got it


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