Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Market Day

Tuesday is  market day, so after breakfast we collected together stuff we needed to take with us and set off.

First call post office to post a small parcel, then the Council Offices. DB took in some forms whilst I walked to the rental agents to put in post for our LL, collect a TV times and onto the market.

Whilst I was walking up the road my phone went tame techie telling me my lap top was ready, so after collecting new library books we sent off to collect it. Back home now working properly and he has got rid of Norton which I hate and installed  different programme that I have used before.

Home James for lunch. DB went for his rest.

This is one spike from the giant lily we brought with us, there are 5 large flowers on and it smells delicious.

Digging out the grass for herbaceous border.

Dug out and we have started to place the plants where we thing they will go, lots more still to come.

Supper tonight is pork and bean casserole, I have got a couple of small sponge pudding from AF to do for dessert.

Following on from my post yesterday Richard III's remains have not been re-interred as yet, there have been a few hold ups including York trying to get hold of them. A recent announcement said that his remains would be interred in Leicester Cathedral in March next year. http://decodedpast.com/burying-richard-iii this is a link to an article that was published recently. He is still able to raise discord  over 500 years later. There are to be big celebrations.  His bones will be laid in an Ossuary and he will lie in state for 3 days in the Cathedral for people to pay their respects. The ossuary will then be placed in the ground and the stone tomb placed over  the top.


  1. How neat your back garden is looking already. DB has worked wonders. Your giant lily is beautiful and I can only imagine the perfume that is filling your kitchen. Will await the decision as to where Richard III's bones will be laid to rest. I'm sure you will let us know.


  2. The decision has been made. Richards bines will be interred in leicester Cathedral in March 2015.

  3. What a wonderful day of accomplishments and the cherry on top was getting to pick up your repaired laptop while you were already out! I hope the laptop works like a dream for a very long time to come.

    Your garden is looking better and better thanks to the hard work DB and you have done! The spider lilies are beautiful and I like the shelves in the background with your pretty teacups and teapots in view!!

    I'm just home from taking the baby quilt and Mr. Bones to Sara, my long-arm quilter so am glad they're in the queue to be quilted.

    It's time for a late lunch for me, then I hope to sew my little heart block parts together, add borders, and perhaps finish the pillow top today. I'd like to get it in the mail to northern Indiana soon.


  4. Thanks. Glad you have your laptop back and working well. I am glad they are leaving Richard at Leicester.


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