Friday, 8 August 2014


Grey and overcast for quite a while this morning, the sun did break through whilst we were drinking our morning tea in the garden.

Friday clean done, DB's mothers picture has been put up on the wall behind the sofa so nothing remains to be 'put up'.

DB cut the front grass and then spent some time pottering in the back garden. We re-potted a couple of plants last night, so needed to make sure they are well watered and settled in their new pots.

The garden is gradually changing, plants are disappearing and more pots geting stacked in the 'sentry box'.

               Looking towards the kitchen from the hall doorway.

Under the stairs.

From the kitchen doorway.

The house is a lot smaller than the apartment, so cosier, and should be cheaper to keep warm. in the winter. Dare say there will be changes around from time to time, but this is the sitting room as it is just now. I hung Granny's picture just this morning. The wall unit is actually sitting on top of the drawers, it looks more like a dresser that way. The ceiling height is also lower,


  1. Your new place is looking really nice. The area under the stairway is a bonus. Moving is always a huge expense, but it seems you are having pay the penalty for having an uncaring LL. I hope you are ever so happy in your new home. Best Wishes.

  2. What a wonderfully cozy room and the dresser looks so pretty there. Love the quilt on the back of DB''s chair and the colors it adds!

    Will you add other pictures, plates, or wall quilts to the wall with Granny's picture? I think I sent you a picture of all we hung on the wall over AMIL's couch. She loves looking at the many beloved faces in pictures, pretty plates, and handy wall clock hanging there.

    I can just imagine how much DB is enjoying his garden work but hope it's not annoying him that he's had to do it more than once this year.

    This morning I awoke with busy brain and did a mental count of the number of pieces in this Swoon block. If I was thinking clearly the count is 65! What was I thinking when I chose this block?


  3. I love the look of the apartment. The drop leaf table in the kitchen and the dresser unit fit so well.

  4. It looks lovely - very comfortable and homely xxx

  5. Your new home looks lovely!
    Very cosy and inviting, I would love to drop in for a cuppa.
    Sadly i am too far away to do that, but I will be thinking of you and DB, enjoying your new place. I think you will be very happy there.
    Love from Pam in TX.

  6. You got settled quickly - lots of practice eh! You could write a great book Anne on how to move house and get everything so well organized - I so admire your spirit in all these moves. Be happy and stay safe in your lovely new place. The dresser is very nice, is it scrubbed pine?

    Enjoy your weekend - I'm concerned as the Southwest braces for Bertha.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. I love the way you have dressed out your new home. Enjoy


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