Friday, 29 August 2014


Late posting today, have just got back from my friends after a nightmare journey home. Two accidents one on the A46 and one in Melton badly affected the traffic. I managed to get off the A46 only to run into jams coming through the back roads from the town.

It poured with rain all the way home. OH had been fine whilst I was out.

Hair cut, so my hair is now more manageable, not flopping all over the place.

SSE have sent a letter to say that our gas and electric would be going over to them on 4th September.....Bye by E-on.

We had fish with mash and peas for supper, bananas for dessert.

I came home with a bag of lavender to strip and also 3 lbs of damsons, I feel some jam coming on. I also have some marmalade to make, its ages since we had any.


  1. Nice for you to meet up with your friend, and to come away with some goodies too. I love damson jam. I don't think people take the care on the roads when it is wet, and probably drive too fast. Glad you came home safely. We have had rain most of the day here too,but tomorrow is looking more promising. Have a good weekend.


  2. Sorry for the horrible weather and traffic with accidents that made the trip home a headache. Hope dinner and calm at home let you settle down.

    Damson preserves were my mother's favorite. One year, I was able to find some damson plums and got my grandmother's recipe from my aunt so surprised Mom with 8 jars of Damson preserves for Christmas. She was delighted! I hope you and DB enjoy the goodness of your Damsons.

    Do you now have enough lavender to make those lovely bags for the market?

    I am mystified by "SSE" and "Bye-by E-on". What is the translation? Ta!



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