Friday, 15 August 2014


Another funny day weatherwise sunny, cloudy and then this afternoon very black, guess we are in for some rain.

This morning I did the Friday clean and then took my lap top to my tame techie, it's not loading at all, it will be next weekend before I get it back and will then have to re load all the programmes.

DB was working in the garden, the herbaceous bed is almost dig out and after DB had been for his siesta and had a cuppa and cake we went out and started to put the pots where we want the plants to go. I re-potted the two hydrangea cuttings the roots were through the bottom of the pot. I am quite pleased they have both taken, I intend to grow them on in pots so I can keep them under control.

I need to sort out how to load photographs from the photo file onto here, it does not do it in the same way as the lap top.

Supper tonight fish, wedges and green beans. Banana and cream for dessert.

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  1. How wonderful that you and DB are getting your back garden sorted and that he's feeling good enough again to enjoy digging in the dirt!

    I'm about to get the vacuum out and scare the cats but will follow your sterling example and do some cleaning.

    Methinks "Swoon" will get borders in citrus colors, that I'll press and sew North Winds together so can decide if I need to make more blocks, and get started on the placemats for Z&L. Wonder at what point my energy will give out?

    I think we're having fish for dinner, too!



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