Friday, 1 August 2014


Today has been a quieter day, chilled a bit this morning, did do some sarnies for DB for lunch. I put the caravan battery on charge to see if we can move it into its permanent position using the motor mover.

I set off just after 11am for Aldi at Syston to pick up some stuff for Cotton Reel and a water butt for DB. I called at Wilkinsons for a curtain rail for the front bedroom, some shower gel and mouthwash. So we have enough to keep us going for quite some time.

Then a quick trip to Asda to fill up with diesel at £1.29L its not been that cheap for ages.

Lovely visit with Cotton Reel, we pulled up some rooted lavender seedlings, DB potted them up when I got home. We sat in the garden for a while before indulging in a cup of tea and lemon cheesecake.

The journey home was ok, plenty of traffic but no hold ups so very good.

There was evidence of heavy rain, DB said there had been a downpour which stopped just before I got in.

DS2 is due tomorrow to finish off the things that need putting up on walls etc then we should be almost straight.

DB has been doing a bit more in the garden:

The herb cobtainer has been replanted and moved to the edge of the patio.

The bird table is up, when the grass was cut DB found a border of gravel, so pots of plants in a temporary home.

Tomato's on the plant, we have picked quite a few, they are very sweet. More with supper tonight.

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  1. What a lot was done today and a delightful visit with your dear friend as the crowning touch!! That must surely been a pleasure and a reward as the moving house chaos is nearly over!

    So happy that DS2 is coming tomorrow to hang your charming shelving units and take care of other things on the list. Then you can put the final touches on your new home!

    The garden is looking good! Ta for the photos and kudos to DB!

    We had rain overnight and this morning with more probably headed our way. Nice!

    I'm trying to get things waiting to go to the quilter out of the way so I can begin my summer project before summer is over.



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