Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday and its raining

on and off.

DS2 came this morning to do the few jobs we had left from his last visit. Everything is done now, we just need to start planting some of the plants. I cut the hebe right down, taken 6 cuttings, so hopefully one will take. The euronymous has also been taken down and 2 pieces of trellis fixed to the fence at the bottom of the garden. Its a bit rocky, but DS thinks it will be ok.

I was in the middle of cleaning when he turned up so the Friday clean has been put on hold until tomorrow. I have rolled up the rug that kept walking and its in the attic, the room looks so much bigger without it. We just have to tackle the mark on the carpet where feet have been shuffled.

We had ham sandwiches for lunch DB decided to have a dizzy so went to bed. He was not too late getting up. Finished his lunch and then we bundled all the stuff in the car and went to the tip.

                   No more hebe and the euronymous has been cut back, those are climbing beans you can see in the foreground.

Trellis on the side of the sentry box, eventually the clematis will go over the shed roof.

These clematis will need tying in the one on the left has been cut back twice already.

The small pine unit has gone on the kitchen wall after all, I may decide to paint it to match the dresser, it can be unscrewed without too much trouble, now need to find something to put on it, should not be a problem in this house.

We have had several quite heavy showers of rain today, its been a case of dodging the rain.

The water butt is fixed up on the front hidden from the road and should be gradually filling up, eventually we hope to have one on the shed as well.

Supper tonight, fish and chips and the last of the lemon meringue cheese cake for dessert.

DB is playing bowls tomorrow so I maybe will get some more sewing done.


  1. How marvelous that DS2 could come to finish putting up your shelf unit, the trellis in the garden, and the other helpful tasks that were accomplished! Yes, you have lots of pretty and interesting things to go on your shelf unit. What fun to choose which things to display!

    The garden looks better every time I see a new photo! Well done!!

    Sorry about the dd, but better today than tomorrow and hopefully not then.

    Another hot, humid day here with a chance of storms later. I hope to sew borders on the placemats and, after the placemats are quilted, that border fabric edge will then be folded, pressed, and become the binding. Fingers crossed it works neatly.


  2. Thanks for posting more photos of your garden etc. Your son has done well with the trellises and how quickly your clematis has grown. It will soon be along the fence too. The shelf unit looks good on the wall, but if it is in your kitchen, perhaps it would be better painted the same as the dresser. However, I do love pine. Hope DB enjoys his bowling tomorrow and that the sun shines for him.
    Now all your tasks are completed in the house, you can both relax a bit and gradually get your garden as you want it.

  3. Lakeland Limited (used to be Lakeland Plastics) sell some brilliant stuff to stop rugs walking.

    1. As she hasn't replied perhaps Anne thinks this is a rubbish idea!!!

    2. I have used the rug grippers from Lakeland before, they are ok, but we decided to take the rug up and store it in the attic. Its amazing the differene it has made to the room.


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