Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Foot Day

A funny morning weather wise, sunny, very breezy and keeps clouding over.

DB managed to stay up till 10pm, he did not settle too well in bed so we were having a midnight feast of tea and crackers, settled down just after 1am. He had breakfast in bed but is now down, showered and dressed ready to go and get our feet done.

I am expecting a timed delivery, due whilst we are at the chiropodist, so have asked next door if she will take it in for us just in case.

Quiche for supper tonight with salad, its in the oven now, should be done just before we go out, we will have it cold tonight with some salad.

I have to nip across to Tesco later, there are a couple of things I need from there that I cannot get anywhere else. I just might take the shopping trolley and walk!!

Pile of ironing needs doing and I have not sewn the binding on the table runner yet, maybe this afternoon.

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  1. It's good to hear that DB is feeling so much better and that the appt. didn't need to be postponed. You've accomplished a lot today, so fret not if the hand sewing and ironing are put on hold for tomorrow.

    We had lovely rain yesterday and today is sunny and warm but with a cool breeze if you're in the shade. I saw two Gold Finches enjoying our Black-Eyed Susan flowers, too!

    I'm just back from the library so will have some lunch, then tackle the borders on this slightly wonky skeleton panel. It's annoying to have brand new fabric cut badly and be stretched out of square when you first look at it.



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